Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller Talks Showtime Deal, Bike-Stealing Days, More, on “Talkbox”

If things go as planned July 29, the fight game will have a new star to gaze upon longingly and apreciatively, if Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller gets it done at Barclays Center and takes out Gerald Washington in their heavyweight faceoff, underneath the Adrien Broner-Mikey Garcia main event.

Miller, age 29 on July 15, got the nickname “Big Baby” from Ron Scott Stevens, the ex NYSAC boss and matchmaker, and it’s a suitably ludicrous and wonderdul tag for the man, Brooklyn-bred, who stands 6-4 and weighs 290 pounds.

As far as babies go, this one is jumbo sized and not one for tantrums. He was charming and easygoing in the Everlast studio on Tuesday, during the taping of the “Talkbox” podcast, and offered voluminous evidence as to why a win over Washington and then a title shot and a victory over, perhaps, Deontay Wilder, could give the sport an adrenaline shot in the arm.

The kid can talk, and has an affability which could make him rich and famous. This nation LOVES their heavyweights, always has and I dare say will. We haven’t had a true hopeful fro these shores in many a moon, as the Klitschko era was preceded by the Lennox Lewis era, and American heavyweights have not flourished during those epochs.

Now, Miller still has work to do in the most important sphere, the ring, before his name can truly get lumped in with some of those people we discussed, who blazed trails out of Brooklyn to the rest of the world. Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe, those are big boxing boots to fill. Miller maintains he’s got the ring chops to do it.

Some back story on the big lad…Miller (18-0-1 with 16 KOs) told us that he was living in Queens, and had stolen a bike on Long Island, and was riding it back to Queens. He was maybe 13, 14, and his attention was stolen when he saw a ample-chested lady in a window of a kickboxing joint. Miller got to talking to the proprietor, and she told him to a visit. He did, and kept going back. And he kept stealing bikes, he admitted…

But as his passion for fighting continued to grow, his penchant for petty theft fell off.

The hitter told us other tidbits, telling us that he has a friend who is a donut maker and he tempts BBM with hot and fresh pastries. But, it’s been 2.5 months since his last donut, he told us, because he’s getting to in ring shape. Gerald Washington is in his sights, and Miller told us that he doesn’t think that much of Washington’s game. “He runs like a damn rooster,” Miller said.

Washington got taken out by Deontay Wilder in his last outing, and wasn’t in a seek and destroy mode, it didn’t look like. Miller saw that and licks his chops. He told us he will stop the 35 year old with an 18-1 mark within 3-4 rounds if the Californian comes to him, 7-8 if he is in moving mode.

On that night, Miller, promoted by Salita Promotions,  will be fighting in front of more friends and family, because the scrap unfolds at Barclays Center, and his Bed-Stuy peeps will be heading over. His fam is used to his jumbo frame and will shout adoring calls. Now, some fans wonder if Miller would be better suited to get into Jenny Craig mode, drop 50 pounds and show some abs. Not gonna happen, he told us. Now, he did share that he’s better when he’s closer to 260 than 3 bills. Between 275 and 280 is best for him, he shared.

“We did do a couple fight deal with Showtime,” Miller told us, and if he wins July 29 then it’s likely back to BK in October or November, underneath a Wilder fight. Yep, parallel tracks, leading to a collision…

Long tall Wilder versus big beefy Big Baby, that would doubtlessly draw interest from even casuals.

Friends, check out the entirety of the pod. Big Baby tells us that he has his own promotional company, and how he makes his Big Baby burger, among other tasty tidbits….

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