Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller To Work With Roy Jones and James Toney

Jarrell Miller is comfortable in his skin, and he’s cool with there being so much of it. People pick at his skill set, yet he likes his arsenal…but crucially, he knows he can make it better. And though his power isn’t George Foreman level, he says there’s enough of it to get it done at even higher levels. “I know for a fact, I will run Anthony Joshua out of the ring,” he told me, point blank on Everlast ‘Talkbox.’ “And promoter Eddie Hearn sees that.”

“You have the power to do that?” I asked.

“The power to do what?” Miller answered.

“To run him out of the ring.”

“For sure, for sure, for sure,” the 21-0-1 hitter, who has 18 KOs, stated. “He’s 242, at 6-5, 6-2…I know what I can do, and I’m not even one hundred percent. It’s comin, baby, it’s comin.”

We talked more about power. Can he build on that, improve it, show it more? Yes indeed, he said. “It’s definitely gonna improve,” he said, because he knows what exercises to do to get it nastier. His combos, you don’t see that among other heavyweights, and they will be getting stronger, he told us. “Roy Jones has offered me to come to his training camp in Florida, as well as James Toney,” he shared with me. Toney is in Michigan, and Miller said he’s open to visiting and soaking up wisdom from both.

He’d like to learn more about Toney’s counter right, and hear how Roy generated crazy hand speed, he told us.

My three cents: Gotta like hearing that. He’s open to learning and isn’t set in his ways, letting his ego over-rule humility.

Michael Woods
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