Jo Jo Diaz Calls Out Scott Quigg

Jo Jo Diaz is on a two fight win streak, and the kid is showing a spicy side that you gotta like.
Diaz, age 26, holds a 28-1 mark; he beat Charles Huerta on Feb. 9, via UD10, and before that, he bettered Jesus Rojas in August 2018. Now, he’s ready for a step up scrap, he tells Everlast.
Bring me Scott Quigg and I will mess him up, he told me.
Only he used more vibrant terminology than that…
In May 2018, Diaz went the distance with Gary Russell Jr. and vowed the UD loss would make him a better boxer. Get me Quigg, he repeated, speaking of the 35-2-2 Brit, who is coming off a win, to Mario Briones, after getting bested by Oscar Valdez, in March 2018. That was a crap night for Quigg, who came in heavy and was thus not vying for Valdez’ WBO featherweight title.
Quigg showed his nose healed from getting smashed by Valdez, as he splattered Briones right quick. Diaz (check him and his left hook out here) wants to prove he’d be the smasher if him and Quigg glove up.
Politically, it seems plausible, with Diaz doing business under the Golden Boy banner and Quigg being a DAZN fighter.
Why does this one make sense, I asked Diaz.
“Cause it’s will be a meaningful for both parties especially us moving up in weight. It can be a title eliminator.  Plus I’ll beat the sh*t out of him worse than Valdez.”
The Huerta fight was the first at 130 for Jo Jo; he’d told Francisco Salazar about why he made the leap northward. “It was hard for me to make weight,” Diaz told RingTV. “Fighting at 130 pounds means that I am not depleting myself and I’m not struggling to make weight. I felt a lot stronger throughout this training camp. I feel a lot more confident. I’ve been sitting down on my punches during sparring. I’m going to box and if the knockout comes, great.” The KO didn’t but Salazar was impressed.  “The southpaw Diaz was sharp from the opening bell, sitting down on his punches while throwing and landing several combinations to the head. Huerta (20-6, 12 knockouts) was not able to get anything going, absorbing punches while fighting defensively,” Salazar wrote.
I get the sense that Diaz has maybe made a leap in his persona POV, that he is feeling like it’s fated that his time is now, that it’s put up time. He wants a name scalp. Like Quigg….”More than anything ever I’m ready to beat anyone they put in front of me!”
He said after the Russell loss that the L would make him a better boxer. He showed a humility to attend to that callout confidence: “I’ll let you guys see my improvements with my next couple of fights.”
Good mix of confidence and humility, then. We will indeed see, soon, about his progression.

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