John David Jackson Has New Client, And A Warning To An Imposter

Brooklyner Sadam Ali is working with a new tutor, we’ve learned.

John David Jackson, the former 154 and 160 champ who oversees Sergey Kovalev, the 175 ace, has for the last two weeks been working with Ali.

JDJ works out of Jameel McCline’s gym in Florida.

He told me Wednesday that he wasn’t real familair with Ali (24-1), because he doesn’t voraciously watch the sport anymore. (He believes that they don’t make them like they used to, that there aren’t enough top tier trainers anymore.) So, what does he think of his new client?

“He has good technique. He’s definitely a good fighter. Sometimes, he’s too fast and eager to get away from the punches,” JDJ said. OK, so there’s that to work on; sit down on the punches more, relax in the pocket, trust the chin, make ‘em miss and make ‘em pay.

Ali will fight May 6, Jackson said, which is the night Canelo Alvarez seeks to prove that some extra weight won’t be counter productive, and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr will try to prove otherwise. Golden Boy promotes the card…

Side note: Jackson respectfully but firmly asks that whoever is posing as him on Twitter cease and desist. “I wish they’d stop,” he told me, after I’d asked him about going back and forth with (the real) Andre Ward on Twitter. “I’m old school, Woodsy. I’m not an internet gangster. I will find out who is doing it and shut it down if it continues.”

So, if you are that guy, I suggest you delete your account.

If you know the guy, may I suggest you poke him or her and ask that the impersonation to end. Seems prudent, being that JDJ can still crack if and when he wants to..

Michael Woods
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