Jump Rope Like A Boxer

Over the years different equipment and training methods have entered and left boxing gyms as the sport has evolved.  Conditioning methods have changed, before long distance runs or “roadwork” were the standard, today’s champs use a variety of modalities ranging from spin cycles to swimming to circuit training to get in shape for fights.  One device that has remained constant through time is the use of a jump rope.  From the middleweight and heavyweight champs of yesteryear like Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali to the present day middleweight and heavyweight champs Canelo Alvarez and Deontay Wilder, a jump rope is a fixture in every boxing gym.

In terms of getting the most bang for your buck, the jump rope is one of the best conditioning tools because it’s effective, portable and versatile.  When it comes to getting in shape and losing fat, it’s one of the best exercises. Depending on intensity, you can burn around 10-20 calories in a minute.  It’s also great for building the athleticism needed to succeed in boxing namely stamina, footwork, and coordination.  All of these benefits are reasons why jump roping should be in any aspiring champs workout routine.


Selecting a rope

2 of the most popular styles of jump ropes are speed ropes and weighted ropes, both have their benefits.

Speed ropes: as the name indicates, this rope allows you to jump at a faster pace and is easier to use when doing trick style jumps like double unders.

Weighted ropes: can also be used for intervals but their real benefit comes in conditioning your shoulders and arms because of the extra resistance.



The Jump Rope Hybrid Workout

At the end of this workout your heart and lungs will feel like you’ve just been in a fight.  It’s a hybrid workout because it mixes aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, much like the cardiovascular demands of a fight.  This workout is designed in a way so that people of all levels of fitness can benefit from it and progress.

All levels do the warm up and cool down where they jump rope at a moderate pace.  After that beginners do 4 round intervals, like the amount of rounds boxers fight at the start of their career. The next progression, Contender Level, is 8 round intervals, like the amount of rounds contenders fight. And finally, at the Champion Level, you will do 12 rounds, like a championship fight.

For each round, start off by jumping rope at max speed for 15 seconds, then shadow boxing for another 15 seconds (focusing on technique), and finally resting for 30 seconds before the start of the next round.


(All levels) Warm Up – 5 min


(Beginner Level) Rounds 1-4

Jump Rope (max speed) – 15 sec

Shadow Box – 15 sec

Rest – 30 sec


(Contender Level) Rounds 5-8

Jump Rope (max speed) – 15 sec

Shadow Box – 15 sec

Rest – 30 sec


(Champion Level)  Rounds 9-12

Jump Rope (max speed) – 15 sec

Shadow Box – 15 sec

Rest – 30 sec


(All Levels) Cool Down – 5 min

Erick Avila
About the Author:

Erick Avila. Erick Avila is a strength & conditioning coach/nutritionist. He works with top-ranked professional boxers and athletes. He specializes in areas ranging from boxing-specific physical preparation and hormone optimization to general weight loss. Erick's training methods have been featured on various prominent fitness magazines and websites.