Khan v Brook Negotiations Pop Up On Twitter

When promoter Eddie Hearn hit NY the week of Jan 14 to oversee his guy James DeGale against Badou Jack at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he was asked repeatedly about what might be next for another in the Matchroom stable, Kell Brook.

Hearn indicated that at the top of the list was trying to make a fight with Amir Khan, the Pakistani Brit with a heavy following in England. That following is comprised by as many haters as rooters, to be frank. People do care about Khan, love him or loathe him.

At issue now seems to be that issue, who is more popular or more relevant, who is the “A side.”

Hearn as much as said BOTH men are now the A side, being that regard for Brook is as high as it’s ever been, following his plucky showing on his last outing, a stoppage loss at middleweight to Gennady Golovkin. Khan, Hearn noted, was kayoed in his last outing, against Canelo Alvarez. “If this is to work both men are going to disappointed” is how Hearn phrased it when this issue was broached, within the context of the purse.

This is a stadium fight, on pay tv, in the UK, so the pie which is to be shared will not be small.

On social media, Khan has made clear his demands and standpoint of his worth relative to Brook. Basically, he said he wants a 70-30 split in his favor and Hearn has proposed a 50-50 split. No thanks, Khan replied, as that half and half split won’t make him what he made to fight Canelo. Hearn replied on Twitter that at 70-30 he and Brook won’t take the bout.

2017, my friends, where such occurrences delight and dismay right in front of your face…

Also front and center is Khan playing clean up regarding a sex tape featuring him performing solo on video, allegedly with an unseen partner on video playing his foil. He took to tv today in England to declare said act was done before he was married, that someone close to him likely leaked it and that his marriage is fabulous. His wife sat next to him and agreed their marriage is tight.

All in all, interesting times for Khan, to be sure. For Brook, he has other options besides Khan, but his next clear choice might be far less appealing. Brook holds a 147 pound crown and his mandatory title defense is supposed to be versus young gun Errol Spence, a smasher who is arguably stronger and fresher than Khan.

Expect this back and forth re Khan-Brook to delight social media fans for a bit longer. As for that sex tape, my reporting on the story didn’t include finding it and watching it, so forgive the lack of details there. We will keep you apprised of non-sex-tape related developments as they pop up.

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