King of the Hill – Hill Workout for Champion Endurance and Fat Loss

Hill workouts have been staples in the training regiments for some of the most well-conditioned athletes in sports history, i.e. Walter Payton and Marvin Hagler. Simple yet brutally effective, running hills builds lower body power needed for explosive movements. These workouts increase work capacity to provide seemingly endless stamina and incinerate calories- meaning you’ll strip off body fat in no time.


Sprints are a popular training method for anyone looking to get fast or lean. Incorporating hill running will accelerate this process by offering a safe, more intense option of training. Because of the incline, hills are a safer option than traditional sprints because of the lesser load that is placed on the legs during each stride. The incline also alters normal running technique which can reduce the likelihood of shin splints for many people. However, safer doesn’t mean easier. The incline on a hill requires greater force and effort to get up, which makes the workout will be more difficult.


Typically, within the first lap or two up a hill, a person’s heart rate will jump up immediately and he/she will be drenched in sweat. This holds as true for first time hill runners as it does for more conditioned athletes. In fact, one thing that makes hill running a unique workout is that progression options are endless- meaning you can always make the workout more challenging. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced runner, you can continue to progress by increasing speed and or duration or taking shorter breaks.

Find a hill, sand dune, or even empty parking structure ramp and give this hill workout a try!


This Hill workout consisting of 3 drills: a traditional hill sprint where you run up the hill, lateral shuffles where you go uphill driving off your trailing leg, and backpedals where you move up the hill backwards.


Hill Sprint : 4 sets x 25 yards

Lateral Shuffle: 4 sets x 20 yards

Hill Backpedal:  4 sets x 15 hards

Erick Avila
About the Author:

Erick Avila. Erick Avila is a strength & conditioning coach/nutritionist. He works with top-ranked professional boxers and athletes. He specializes in areas ranging from boxing-specific physical preparation and hormone optimization to general weight loss. Erick's training methods have been featured on various prominent fitness magazines and websites.