Koncz Aiming To Make Pacquiao vs Khan This Fall

None of us know how much longer Manny Pacquiao is going to do this juggling act, do the pro boxer thing while holding down the fort in the Senate in the Philippines.

So, it’s natural that we the fans ponder and perhaps even lobby Pacman and company on the fights we might like to see him engage in before he shuffles off this fistic stage, and counts down to a Hall call.

Me, I think a Top Rank intra-promotional tussle tickles my fancy. Manny versus Terence Crawford, the still dazzling Pacquiao, past peak but still perhaps too experienced and strong of body and mind for the Nebraskan, much heralded and undeniably skilled, but nowhere near as battle tested as the whirling dervish from General Santos City. In an ideal world, Manny gets his cylinders oiled against Jeff Horn and then works with Coach Roach on how to better Bud…

I posed this pair off to Pacman’s right hand man in the managing sphere, Michael Koncz.

Could we maybe see Pacman versus Crawford, Manny versus Bud, Top Rank’s top dog of today against their future lead dog, in a possible pass the baton situation?

“Our plan,” Koncz said, “is to fight Amir Khan in October or November…and that is what I am working on now, that is the fight the fans want according to our poll. And that is the fight Manny wants!”

So; I think that one makes sense from a business point of view and in the sphere of entertainment value. It would be an A side against A side tango, as Khan is undeniably still a boldface name in the game.

Michael Woods
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