Kownacki Grades Self For Arreola Win…What Is His Mark, What Needs Improving? READ HERE

How people process their experiences, and their ability to access, through a clear filter, what went right, and what could have gone better, is a fairly crucial element of success.

After all, most folks aren’t that over-night sensation, who start off brilliant and exceptional and don’t deviate from that superior stance.

Adam Kownacki in the days after his Saturday effort against Chris Arreola at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the main event, and a scrap which ran on free Fox, shared his views on the outing.

There was good, real good–AK’s volume was, yes, exceptional. Him and the California boxer set a CompuBox record, for landing and throwing the most tosses in a heavyweight faceoff.

CompuBox tallied up the launches and both men worked, it was clear, very hard.

So, I put it to the Polish-American…what grade did he give himself for that fight, which saw him winning a UD12 (117-111, 117-111, 118-110)?

“C,” said Kownacki, advised by Keith Connolly and fighting under Al Haymon’s PBC banner. “Made way too many mistakes that should not have been made. But Chris Arreola is a hell of fighter and very experienced.”

Not enough combos, not enough head movement, he said, that contributed to that so-so grade he gave himself, after getting to 20-0 (15 KOs).

“But got the job done. On to the next,” he said.

NOTE: I asked Connolly if Kownacki will glove up again before the end of the year. “No, early next year,” the advisor told me.

So…Was Arreola (age 38; now 38-6-1) exactly what the Pole expected, basically?

Maybe more durable?

“More durable. I though he would have been way easier to break down. But he was serious when he said it win or retire,” said Kownacki, who scaled 266 Friday and said after he’d like to drop maybe ten pounds for the next one.

At what point did the victorious heavyweight, who entered wearing Everlast gloves..

..realize he wasn’t doing some of the little things he’d been doing in the gym?

“When I started getting hit more than I planned! I think Arreola gave it everything he had in training camp and the fight. Plus his experience. Every time I landed he knew how to tie up. And make sure I didn’t follow up with more punches.”

I do think that AK faced the best Arreola possible at 38, that the Cali boxer under Joe Goossen truly was in his best place in getting prepped for this fight. That means something, in assessing the win. But overall, I’m impressed with how Kownacki offers points that he could improve on. This suggests a healthy level of ego, and the possibility that he keeps improving, at age 30. This is by no means a given, inside the ring our out…


Arreola and Goossen came on “Talkbox” to assess the Kownacki fight. Kownacki came to Everlast to talk about prepping for Arreola, as well. 

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