Let’s Talk Fight Fits

Fashion has quickly become an integral part of sports. Post-game press conference and pre-game arrivals have become the new catwalk. Associations like the NBA have made their athletes fashion icons and players are now seen as trendsetters, pushing the limits of style. So in a sport that champions flash, charisma and style why don’t we see boxers getting the same attention?

Well no more will these titans of textiles be left in the dark. We at Everlast have compiled a list acknowledging the efforts and showing love to the best Fight Fits of 2018.

Honorable Mention:

Micky Conlan (Dec. 2017) – Did you notice that Micky Conlan was Irish? Was it Conor McGregor walking him into the ring or maybe his infamous Olympic protest against the judges? If it wasn’t one of those then it must be his leprechaun hat and green suede suit from his fight against Jason Cunningham. This fight may be remembered as the time McGregor yelled “I am boxing,” but Micky Conlan stole the show bringing some style and heritage to the Fight Fit.

10. Danny Garcia – Cheetah is always a crowd pleaser.

9. Tevin Farmer – Fly Eagles Fly

8. Shakur Stevenson – Only thing faux about Shakur is the fur.

7. Kell Brook – Finally something Buddy the elf could wear.

6. Ryan Garcia – Throwing it back old school with the brown leather

  1. Creed 2

The top 5 opens up with the only “fictional” boxer on this list, but the fight fit Michael B Jordan is is more about the symbolism the look carries. His usual ring attire is the colorful star spangled banner outfit his father wore. However with this fights connection to his father’s murder, Adonis brings a darker take to his version of the original USA kit.

  1. Guido Vianello

“Are you not entertained?” This Italian heavyweight broke out the Maximus look from the Gladiator. Something about a Roman General and overall badass taking on and defeating any challenger really appeals to a boxing crowd.  A Fight Fit that would have made Marcus Aurelius proud as Guido earned himself a second round KO in this one.

  1. Gervonta Davis

The Drake sports curse is real. Except to when it comes to Gervonta Davis and getting them knock outs. Draped in an ostrich skin pattern with Drake’s iconic owl logo on his chest Davis stopped Jesus Cuellar to become a two-time world champion. “Me goin’ back to back.”

  1. Jermell Charlo

In all honestly Jermell Charlo could easily have been number one on this list. He takes his “Lions Only” motto further than most would expect and backing up his words with actions. In this case, Jermell Charlo literally wears a lion head to his fights and makes it clear to his opponent that he is getting in the ring with an animal.

  1. Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder is the heavyweight king. So it is only natural that he wore a crown to his last fight. The crystal crown, mask, and feather robe puts Deontay at the number one spot on this list. Internet memes, celebrities, and even late night shows were talking about Deontay’s walkout kit after this fight of the year nominee.

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