Lucas Browne Talking To Klitschko

Aussie heavyweight Lucas Browne, a tatted up ex bar bouncer, could be the main beneficiary of an inability for Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko to get on the same page.

Whether it’s sanctioning body snafus or a site disagreement or purse slicing issues, it seems Joshua won’t be meeting the 40 year old Ukrainian born vet who wants to prove he still has skills aplenty, that age hasn’t dulled his saber.

Enter the 37 year old 24-0 Browne, who surprised to the upside in stopping Ruslan Chagaev last March, and then was on the shelf as he fought off a PED positive entanglement. He’d won a WBA JV belt off Chagaev, was stripped because of a clenbuterol positive, and it was then ruled that the positive was negative, because the amount was so tiny.

“Yes, there are talks with Team Klitschko and they are very real,” Browne told me. “And why would I really want this? Belt, Wlad, Germany, tv, exposure, money,” he said, with a chuckle.

Because this is the age of the reluctant warrior, who wants XXL compensation for a medium challenge, that is why I ask why…

Browne is promoted by Ricky Hatton; said a Team Hatton rep: “Lucas is definitely in the mix with the heavyweights but we have no comment at this moment in time.”

And has the ex MMAer pondered a game plan?

“Not box. Move, bully, wrestle in the clinch,” Browne replied.

Last thing…Does Browne believe he’s the front  runner to get this gig? “Possibly. No one knows shit at the moment.” Give him a point for honesty…

My take: Browne showed he’s more than a bar brawler against Chagaev and there’d be more than mild curiosity in hardcore fan circles to see if he could exploit an aged Wlad…or if Wlad has more in the tank than many suspect.

Michael Woods
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