Malignaggi Will Help McGregor Get Ready For Mayweather

Brooklyn bred pugilist Paul Malignaggi hung up the gloves a couple months back, but the sport has lured him back in. Not for fully active duty, mind you, but something  pretty close to it.

The 36-8 ex fighter, now a full time analyst for Showtime, will trek to camp with Conor McGregor, to spar the UFCer and help him get ready as best he can for climbing Everest in his first attempt at mountain climbing.

August 26, Malignaggi, who hung up the mitts in March, will help call the clash, on Showtime ppv along with Mauro Ranallo and Al Bernstein, and his knowledge base will now be that much better.

I asked the boxer, who also does a podcast, and work for SKY, what he expects from the experience.

“I expect to be in camp with a winner, regardless of the long odds, no championship caliber fighter goes to camp expecting to lose,” he told me. “I expect to see a guy who is confident and up for the challenge. It doesn’t mean he will win (that part is up to him) but I expect to see a guy confident in his abilities, believing in his daily hard work and a guy who is getting better over the course of camp due to the work he’s putting in. I hope to play my part and give him the best I have to offer during our sparring sessions and hopefully that helps with his improvements during training.”

Michael Woods
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