Manager Klimas and Promoter Duva React To TMZ Sergey Kovalev Assault Story

Boxer Sergey Kovalev is facing very serious charges leveled against him, and is due in court in March to face the allegation.

TMZ broke the story which consists of this: Kovalev has been charged with felony assault, because a women alleges that in June the boxer hit her, after she rejected his advances at a party.  The 35 year old Russian born hitter, who lives in California, was arrested soon after in Big Bear, CA.

“We’re told the woman claims she suffered major injuries including a severely broken nose, a concussion and a displaced disk in her neck,” is how TMZ worded the damage done.

Kovalev’s court appearance after the arrest went under radar.

In his last outing, the 32-3-1 pugilist, who is married with a child, faced Eleider Alvarez, on August 4, 2018. He was stopped by the underdog; they are set to rematch on Feb. 2, in Texas. ESPN will be the platform to show that bout.

Sergey Kovalev lost his last fight and is now facing an assault charge.

Alvarez right hands rocked Kovalev repeatedly on this night. Now, he faces an even more serious issue.


Egis Klimas manages Kovalev; the deal maker told NYFights “no comment” when asked about the charge, but did speak to his mindset before the first Alvarez bout.

Kovalev has been promoted by Main Events and has had something of a bumpy run, off and on, with his behavior coming under scrutiny. Several episodes which had racial overtones were brought to the surface and the fighter has declared he is not racist.  He went back and forth with ex trainer John David Jackson, after they parted less than amicably.

I messaged Main Events boss Kathy Duva to get her reaction on the TMZ story.

“Of course, every woman has the right to be heard,” Duva said.  “And Sergey deserves the opportunity to clear his name in court. And that is what he intends to do.”

Klimas did touch on whether or not those charges affected Kovalev in his last fight: “He is mentally strong and understanding what this is all about.”

My three cents: This is a complicated life we all lead and we can be tempted to rush to judgement, and render our own verdict on a situation before more facts are furnished. This temptation is made worse by the prevalence of social media, which encourages hot takes from any person at all times, and rewards negative and blustery and condemning and condescending stances. So, let’s see more of the facts regarding this case before we decide how we feel about it. That is not to say the seriousness of the allegation should be air-brushed, but just that we must be patient and let law enforcement work and the scales of justice settle.


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