Floyd Mayweather Raging Against Canelo Alvarez, Oscar Responds

UPDATE 1: A couple hours after Floyd Mayweather posted a nasty meme against Oscar De La Hoya, the Golden Boy sent out a sharp counterpunch. Yep, these two are going at it as hard as they did when they gloved up in 2007.

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Floyd Mayweather, a most competitive being, is on the warpath following the news that Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya combined with streaming giant DAZN to obtain a contract which supassed Floyd’s then-richest deal with Showtime.

Floyd has taken to social media to belittle the Mexican hitter, who he fought and bested in 2013. Since then, Canelo has improved, measurably, and Mayweather has retired. He has, not surprisingly, decided to un-retire and has floated trial balloons about how to proceed next. He hinted that he’d train to do MMA, in UFC, but that absurdity has passed by the wayside. He told folks that he’d like to fight Manny Pacquiao again, and his latest plot is to tell people he’s keen to battle the UFCer who just battered the man he faced off with in his last bout, Conor McGregor.

Now, it seems that word that Canelo’s 11 fight deal with DAZN, which could gross him more than $365 million has gotten under “Money’s” skin.

Floyd is also trying to get the goat of De La Hoya, who he fought in 2007; that bout helped propel him to a new level of fame, but it seems he’s not keen to see that as a “sum of its parts” venture.

He’s seeking to belittle the promoter, who has been heralded as pulling a soild coup in helping position Canelo into this paypay bonanza. Also, De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions seems well situated now with dates and slots on DAZN, while retaining independence, to place events on other platforms. Mayweather’s own promotional company has had a bumpier journey of late; one of their top tier hitters, Gervonta Davis, has sparred on social with Mayweather, and virtually begged to be let loose from his contract.

Through it all, it must be said—Mayweather manages to stay relevant, in the news, in the mix. Even in “retirement,” he casts a looming figure on the sport. Maybe the only way to settle this is a rematch—no, not with Oscar….Canelo has said he’d love to get another crack at Floyd and knows that he’s improved to the extent that he’d hand “Money” his first loss as a pro.

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