Mayweather Right-Hand Man Ellerbe Talks McGregor v Floyd

FRIDAY UPDATE: The back and forth on this thing is heating up a bit. Today, UFC honcho put out his parameters for a #MayGregor boxing match.

“I’ll tell you what, Floyd,” White said on “The Herd,” before he scoffed at Mayweather being the A side in the equation. “Here’s a real offer, and I’m the guy that can actually make the offer, and I’m actually making a real offer. We’ll pay you $25 million, we’ll pay Conor $25 million, and then we’ll talk about pay-per-view at a certain number. There’s a real offer.”


Leonard Ellerbe is Floyd’s right-hand business guy, in step with the soon to be 40 year old pugilist-scientist as he seeks to build Mayweather Promotions into a power that rivals Top Rank, Golden Boy with Canelo and grass-roots prospects, et al.

During a Thursday Manhattan presser Mayweather stole the show as one would expect from the guy who boasts 7 million Twitter followers, from main eventers Badou Jack and James DeGale, the ace 168s who headline the Mayweather Promotions co-promotion with Lou Dibella Saturday night at Barclays Center.

Eyes trained on him as he had folks cracking up when he kept adjusting the mic for various talkers during the presser, and mass media clustered around him for a lengthy Q n A following the formal presser. I chatted with Ellerbe (seen on left greeting Floyd at presser dais) as we all waited for Floyd to show up, to pick his brain on what Floyd is and will be up to, not a bad angle as he is as much as anyone sure to know what direction Floyd could be heading in.

First, that Connor McGregor talk. Showtime boxing boss Stephen Espinoza was asked about it, and he said basically, as of now that’s fantasy talk, because the Irishman is contractually bound to fight with UFC, in an Octagon. The UFC crew would have to sign off on a departure from that norm, and why would they do that, and risk seeing their lottery ticket draw get his tail kicked ten ways to Tuesday by Floyd? Ellerbe isn’t sick of hearing about it, he said, even if it so conjectural, and sounds open to it. “If this was feasible for the other side to do, then they’d do it,” he said at the Highline Ballroom presser. Message: Nothing to see here, substantively, as of now…

McGregor is doing is best to get Floyd’s goat, rile him. He posted an emoji style graphic of himself standing over a fallen Mayweather, and then referenced a person involved in a prior domestic altercation.

The retired boxer told ESPN Wednesday he’d offered McG $15 mill to be the B side, plus some PPV upside, but he’d his cool Thursday. He did say that McG should know his place, his true earning power, because he’s only been a notable for about three years.

Mayweather at ESPN Wednesday was asked about the budding Soulja Boy v Chris Brown beef which seems to be building toward a bout. Put down the guns, pick up the gloves, Mayweather has been saying. Does Ellerbe have more info on specifics? Maybe even a month? “No, no,” he told me. “They’re have been some discussions. It’s just a matter of getting all the information together and then come with an informed decision on how to execute.” I noted that I’d read that Las Vegas might not sign off on that, with someone piping up that maybe these rap artists couldn’t pass a PED test because of THC presence. “Why not? Why not? I’ve alone, my office, have gotten over 40 media credential requests. That’s amazing!”

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