McGregor Might Be Mystic, But Come Aug. 27 He’ll Be A Statistic

Mayweather Promotions’ CEO Leonard Ellerbe hit the TALKBOX studio this week and talked about, duh, that monster event occuring Aug. 26, the worlds colliding scrap between Floyd Mayweather, and MMAer Conor McGregor, who has many folks believing he has much more than a prayers’ chance at downing the TBE of this generation.

Not me, baby.

McGregor might have mystic qualities, but come Aug. 27 he will be but a statistic. He can’t make up the ground against someone who’s boxed since his diaper days, not even if he is a super special breed of athlete.

Bless his soul, Ellerbe didn’t go overboard with an informercial pitchman’s zealousness on the show. I appreciated that he didn’t lay it on too thick, being that you could have understood if he did, being that he’s a promoter, and wants to have you believe in the possibility of “maybe.” Just “maybe” McGregor can get Dublin lightning in a bottle, and strike down the 49-0 Mayweather. And if they got you thinking “maybe” you are going to purchase the PPV.

“My thinking is, Conor don’t have a chance. Now listen, you’re not going to use this clip in trying to sell the fight…but I’m keepin it real! Your guy is TOO GOOD! Am I wrong?” I asked Ellerbe.

“He’s very very good. Conor McGregor is very good also,” Ellerbe answered, very evenly.

Me: “But he can’t hang with your guy!”

“We gonna see come August 26,” the even tempered Mayweather ally/right-hand man said, grinning.

“I’m gonna see, I’m gonna tune in, I’m gonna watch,” I replied.

Mission accomplished, then, for that crew, in the grassroots battle to get buys.

No, I don’t think McGregor has a chance to win…but I am still curious to see how it plays out. I don’t want to be the guy by the water cooler who isn’t in the know, can’t offer an opinion without having seen the evidence.

Ellerbe cracked up when I referenced this pic and caption:

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.45.59 PM

Was he doing an Irish jig? “I just busted out laughing,” Ellerbe said was his response when he saw the post, he said.

“He’s different,” the promoter said.

And he REALLY believes he can beat Mayweather, Ellerbe told me. “No, he believes it one hundred percent. I’m convinced of that.”

Ellerbe touched on a bunch of subjects, including how he feels about media members something stepping over the reporter line, into a consumer reports space, as when they counsel fans to not tune in. That’s not the media’s place, he said. Note: Bob Arum at the last Boxing Writers Association of America gala dinner touched on the self same theme, so there is common ground found therein.

Ellerbe touched on the Saturday Adrien Broner versus Mikey Garcia fight, which unfolds at Barclays Center, as well. I shared this prediction page, and said that I was the sole media man polled who thinks Adrien Broner will win. 13-1, was the score. Ellerbe agrees, maybe not surprising being that Broner and Team Floyd have been aligned for some time. “Don’t be surprised if Broner stops him,” said Ellerbe, who assured me I’m not out on a limb all by myself. “Late in the fight.” This post hiatus Mikey, though, I think sits down on punches more and craves stoppages a bit more, and I think that benefits his watchability and prospects of elevating as an attraction. We shall see…

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