New Year, New Repetition Scheme

Are you bored with doing the same routine at the gym?

There are easy ways to put a twist to your workouts.  By simply altering your repetitions and sets, you can totally revamp your workout.

Try a pyramid scheme, where your first round starts at 10 repetitions, second is 8, third round is 6, fourth is 4, and last round is 2 reps. Depending on your skill level and the exercise you choose, you can then work your way back up: 4-6-8-10 reps, for a total of 9 sets, 58 repetitions.  If you select a lift as your exercise of choice, you can increase the weight as the reps decrease to make it more difficult.  Experiment with rest times between each set.  Notice the difference of time it takes for your heart rate to come back down.

Another rep scheme that is sure to challenge your endurance, heart rate, and strength is 21-15-9.  At just three rounds, this may sound easier than the 5 or 9 round pyramid scheme above, but just like any work out, you can always make it harder or easier by picking the right exercises and weights.

There are many ways to play with your repetition scheme and amount of sets to invigorate your workout.  Try a week of the pyramid scheme and then a week of 21-15-9 scheme and compare how you feel.  The key is to play around with your workouts to achieve the goals you have set and still enjoy it.  Play to your strengths if you find yourself dreading the gym, so it is a positive experience.

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