Absurd comment of the day award goes to Skip Bayless


Maybe the best course of action is to ignore, as I customarily do.

Maybe the wisest thing to do would be to dismiss this Tweet authored by Fox Sports’ Skip Bayless, which is so stunningly idiotic, so chock full of rampant idiocy, that it screams that the writer of said Tweet is a severe dimwit.

But, thing is, to diss the ex ESPN talking head as a dimwit would be to ignore his track record and facts which would indicate otherwise.

He’s risen the ranks to a lofty place, if one is using metrics like positioning of his program and his compensation. No, Skip isn’t a “dimwit.” You don’t get to where he is by being a moron, a low IQ babbler. The man possesses intelligence.

But this Tweet indicates that he also owns a POV which is glaringly cynical and nakedly contemptuous of the people he wants to watch his new Fox show.

Because in no way, or shape or form, in any universe, is Skip within sniffing distance of the truth when he maintains that Conor McGregor would whup Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match.

Bayless cannot possibly think this true. Can he?

If so, then I take back what I said about him possessing a certain level IQ.

No, I refuse to consider that he thinks the best boxer on the planet wouldn’t easily, beyond easily, beat MMAer McGregor in a boxing match.

Which leaves us with the conclusion that Bayless only Tweets out such dreck in order fo draw attention to himself, stir the pot, get people talking. And that’s weak. Pretending to hold such a ludicrous theory and sharing it to try and attract buzz reeks of desperation. And that sort of exercise dumbs down anyone who deals in it.

Which is why I probably just should have ignored the damn thing. But I couldn’t. It just leapt off the screen at me, and yelled, “STUPID.”

Hey, you all tell me if I’m going overboard here.

But this Bayless buffoonery isn’t a new development. He’s a specialist in taking these sorts of out there stances and then defending them with the zeal of a cult convert. Scientologists argue with less zeal than Skip.

Ok, I got it out of my system. Thanks for indulging me, friends. We will, I think, go back to doing what we were before. That is to say, ignoring Bayless.

Michael Woods
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