Oscar Valdez Fights For Unification Dream, And Also “Dreamers”

There are many theories as to why our nation seems stuck in a certain mode, with anger and mistrust and division being constants in our day to day life within the sphere of the political arena, in the DC corral, and by extension often times in the public square, be it the physical or the virtual one.

Obama was responsible for the destruction of all good things American, it was shouted by the legions who saw in him a communistic infiltrator who probably wasn’t born in the U.S. of A, and was likely a secret Muslim sympathizer ensconced to topple our union from the inside.

Trump is a stooge for Putin, installed by and for Russia, and is thisclose to pushing the nuke button and welcoming armageddon on the planet…which he’d gladly sell the rights to if he could provide proof of rights, say the bombards who wished the Donald had stayed in real estate.

Wretches to the left of me, scumbags to the right…and here I am, stuck in the middle with you…

Some folks prefer to remain oblivious, keep their heads buried in their day to day tasks of living, and so they miss the boat of developments which do, in fact, impact some of their neighbors, or relatives of people they know, at least. Many of them have missed a development on the treatment of “Dreamers,” young people who have been residing in America, persons who came to the country outside of official channels. They came to America without official documentation, and are derided as “illegals” by hard line people who think too many immigrants is one of the main reasons America has deteriorated.  The President two weeks ago said that he wanted Congress to come up with a plan to clean up the murkiness of status for these “Dreamers,” and persons who’d heard the harsh rhetoric from Mr Trump about the scourge of bad actors who’ve entered into the US and pillaged the star spangled lands had reason to fear that there’d be a mass roundup and deportation coming.

After all, during this administration’s tenure, there’s been an uptick in ICE actions against citizens  who’d entered the country off the books. But people who prefer to steer clear of politics and want to stay in their lane might not know much about the recent developments which could affect hundreds and hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers,” the overwhelming majority of whom are law abiding and seen as fruitful persons in their community.

Boxer Oscar Valdez (22-0 with 19 KOs), the WBO featherweight champion, appeared on the Everlast TALKBOX podcast this week, and told listeners that he supports “Dreamers” who are solid citizens and spoke up against a pattern of needlessly antagonistic actions against good people who came to the US for a better life, and have given much to their community, but are now being threatened with deportation. No, they are not the lawbreakers that we were told would be targeted by “patriotic” sorts who see mass deportation as a route to restoring America to the sort of place where law and order and decency reign.

“It’s sad when you hear about these things, and people could look away,” the 26 year old, fighting on ESPN Friday, against 29-0 Genesis Servania, said. “And just not pay attention, and everyone is just fine with their life. But it’s different when you feel it. Feel it when it happens to your family, when it’s your loved ones, when it’s someone very close to you. And I’ve witnessed this, I’ve seen it, and it’s very sad…It’s sad because in this era we’re supposed to be progressive. We were all immigrants at one time….We’re all Dreamers.” He said he appreciates Top Rank and TR boss Bob Arum giving 500 six away to Dreamers for the Friday show, in Arizona, and he said he appreciates Arum making a public stand to support dreamers and immigrants.

Valdez, who happens to be a hard working banger who unabashedly goes for stoppages,  told us his grandfather is close to being deported, after getting picked up and flagged for a ticket he got about 15 years ago. A hard working married man who came from Mexico, Valdez’ grandpa isn’t causing anyone any trouble. He works hard and pays taxes and contributes his fair share. He’s no “bad hombre” whose banishment will better the nation. “It’s very sad, because he’s lived in this country more than 30 years already,” Valdez said.

Valdez has helped get grandpa a lawyer, and is hopeful the deportation won’t occur. “If I can do something out it, if there’s some kind of voice I have, I’m going to speak out,” Valdez continued.

Valdez on the podcast told us his thoughts on his foe, and I asked him for a prediction as well. Check out this video tidbit of Valdez in action from his last outing, a win over Miguel Marriaga. You can see, he is a “fan friendly” sort who whacks hard with both hands, sets down on his punches, won’t sacrifice offense with an excessive attention to defense, and basically, probably won’t waste your time if you choose to check him out on ESPN.

So, the boxer fights in the ring Friday, and tells us he isn’t looking past his foe, a 29-0 Filipino, toward the biggest names in the division, and unification, which he craves. And, outside of that, like so many other people touched by the new dictates which are making immigrants who may have come here outside the official channels to escape severe poverty, or persecution, or famine, Valdez is fighting hard to keep a loved one here, their home, where they have been living as a good soul, not causing trouble. He has some kind of voice, and he will speak out.

Michael Woods
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