Pacquiao-Horn Is Not Yet All Wrapped Up

You read on Tuesday night that the fighting Senator, Manny Pacquiao, will next glove up April 22, against the all but unknown Jeff Horn, location TBD.

Not so fast…

The deal was presented as a done one, but all the Ts haven’t been crossed. I asked Manny Pacquiao (59-6-2) advisor Michael Koncz about the plan as laid out in the ESPN story.

“Not true as Manny and I have not agreed to anything,” Koncz told me.

If I were a betting man, then, I’d not bet the whole farm that it’s Horn (age 28; from Australia; 16-0-1 record) in the other corner on April 22. Maybe I’d hedge the bet a bit. Usually these Team Pacman guys are by and large on the same page, but every now and again they diverge. Just to be sure, then, I think we should get the all in, all clear sign from Koncz and Pacman before you look into booking a flight to Australia or Abu Dhabi.

As for Horn, he’s a fun to watch rumbler. He’s aggressive, and not the most refined pugilist you’ll ever see. He wings it and brings it, but squares up so much he’d be a head on a platter for Pacman, in theory. Here is some video of Horn, who boasts some name scalps, including Al Funeka and Randall Bailey:

Michael Woods
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