Pascal Fight Did A Big Number On RADIO…Wait…RADIO!?

How does this number grab you? Of the people listening to radio on Saturday night in the greater Montreal area, 48% were listening to the Jean Pascal fight against Dmitriy Bivol, which was unfolding in Atlantic City, and playing on HBO.

Pascal manager Greg Leon got the numbers on Tuesday and told me he was blown away.

“To put it in perspective, the Canadiens max out at 25-30% when they play,” Leon said. “This is a playoff number for them!”


Pascal is still a potent draw, especially in that Quebec area.

I put it to Leon—would HE consider listening to a boxing match on radio? Isn’t a visual component necessary to enjoy the action?

“If we actually had it here and I was driving/working in an office, yes,” he told me.

Now, Canadians often tell me they are frustrated that they don’t get to watch all the boxing they’d like to, the amount that Americans get access to. The Pascal fight was available to watch, for $70. Canadian, so the frugal types opted for the listen-only feature, it seems like.

Michael Woods
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