Porter vs Thurman Final Press Conference

Dream Hotel, New York, New York – The final press conference for the highly anticipated Shawn Porter vs Keith Thurman fight took place today at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan, New York. The rooftop venue was packed with the media as the fighters approached the podium to kick of the beginning of the press conference.

Lou DiBella started things off by thanking everyone who came out and everyone involved in the creation of the fight. DiBella, who is president of DiBella Entertainment, stated that even though these guys are friends, they will become foes on the night of June 25th.

First up to the podium following DiBella’s open remarks is Showtime’s Executive Vice President Stephen Espinoza. “All credit goes to them (Porter and Thurman) for taking this fight, a difficult fight” Espinoza stated off the bat. Espinoza recognized the magnitude of this fight for both fighters careers, and the excitement it will bring to a sold out Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York. “Right here, we have the right fight, at the right time, at the right venue” Espinoza said to the media.

This is the first CBS prime time event since February 1978 when Muhammad Ali was taking on Leon Spinks. This fact really made both Porter and Thurman want to bring their best so they can put on a great show for the fans in attendance, as well as everyone watching it around the world.

And now, to the main event. Kenny Porter, Shawn’s father and trainer, stepped to the podium first. Kenny states to the media “this is something he’s been getting ready for since birth” when speaking about his son Shawn. After giving his thanks to both camps and everyone else involved, Kenny’s final words were “we are prepared to take the championship.”

On the other side, long time trainer of Keith Thurman, Dan Birmingham, stepped up to the podium to give a short but sweet speech on this fight. “I think Keith Thurman is the most gifted fighter in boxing right now” Birmingham states when speaking about his fighter. “I know in my heart we are going to be victorious.” Birmingham didn’t need to say much, but the confidence he portrayed spoke volumes to how ready the Thurman team is for Saturday night.

After getting the crowd fired up a little, Shawn Porter got down to business when discussing this fight. “I’m excited to get in there and not get hit and control this ring and control this fight” Porter states. The cool, calm, and collected Shawn Porter doesn’t seemed worried about the test in front of him that Saturday night will present and he is confident he will take home the title.

Following Shawn Porter’s speech was the energetic, title defending opponent, Keith Thurman. “I’m really looking forward to the energy I expect will be there the night of the night” Thurman says when addressing the fans that are expected to show up. Thurman then spoke about the magnitude of the fight, and how this fight with Porter came together so smoothly; “We did what we needed to do to make this fight happen.” Thurman, who was wearing a Muhammad Ali tribute shirt, quoted the greatest at the end of his speech by looking everyone in the eyes and yelling “I’m gonna show you how great I am!”

You will not want to miss this one fight fans! Make sure you tune in at 9 PM EST on Saturday, June 25th, on CBS.

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