Postfights Presser Report: Jermell Deals With First Loss, Charlo Twins Talk Future Plans

The mood of the post-fight presser wasn’t what most had predicted and many had hoped for.

The Charlos went 1-for-2 on Dec. 22 at Barclays Center and on FOX, with Jermell losing his 154 pound title to Tony Harrison, in a decision many termed a robbery, while Jermall was neck and neck with Matt Korobov, who entered a mega underdog in the eyes of the masses and left the ring with a batch of new fans who had to respect his grit and performance. Jermall got the W, but more people thought he lost than Jermell won, strangely enough…

Boxing IS the “strangely enough” sport, though, isn’t it.

The twins are the sorts of characters who demand you pay attention to what they say before, AND after their bouts, because they aren’t afraid to to speak in candid fashion. Their emotions churn in their brains and hearts and that churning results in oftentimes some quite intense declarations.

“I gotta let tonight harvest in my soul a little bit,” Jeremell said, voice cracking with emotion. “This is something new to me..I let a lot of people down tonight, just by not getting this decision. I know it sucks to say that, but I got my team, I got my twin brother, this is something that belongs to us…(Harrison) even told me (before the decision was announced) and this made it worse, ‘You a true champion, you really won, you a true champion.’’…I guess they wanted more entertainment so they set this shit up some kind of way.”

“It is what it is” was the pet phrase used by Jermall during their 17 minutes at the mic taking queries.

The after the fights press conference, at Barclays Center, contained some tidbits:

–“I definitely feel like I won the fight,” said Jermell.

–Jermell said yes, there was a rematch clause, and a fight with Harrison could occur within four months. “I promise you I’m gonna train harder and try and train different,” he said. “I’m hard on myself right now, “ he said…and he started to tear up. “I don’t take losses easy, I don’t even play video games because I don’t like to lose.”

–Jermell said next time, he’d like to “get the night over with,” and that he still believes in his skill set.

–Jermall said “I know I won, no question, I beat him.” And also, “my brother won that fight.” He said he saw close rounds, and “we’re not being sore losers, enjoy the belt while it lasts,” of Matt Korobov.

–Jermall, who held on to his WBC interim 160 bout, said he watched his brother’s bout in the back and it didn’t affect his outing. But he was thinking in the back of his mind that it would be a good idea to not leave it to the judges.

–Back to Mell—he was asked what Harrison did well. “Shit…Moved around the ring, I don’t want to say he ran but…” He showed the media that his face was unmarked, and then asked if the judges have ever boxed. “We got to start doing a better job expecting the judges,” he said.

–Jermall said Korobov was tough, and he knew that would be the case. “You are seeing Jermall Charlo knock people out so I’m proud of myself, too,” he said. Was he impressed Korobov stayed aloft in round 12? “Dude was tough. Tough, tough Russian, hats off to him,” he said.

–Jermell said they injected him with jet fuel and he didn’t care if Jarrett Hurd thought he won, he won’t turn into a nice guy off of that. “I don’t like no boxers in my weight class…I’m not Mr. Nice Guy, I’m not ever gonna be Mr. Nice Guy!”

–Jermell said moving ahead he will look harder at what judges get approved for his fight. Also, he said, maybe jokingly, that he wanted to fight in March, on the Errol Spence-Mikey Garcia undercard. Trainer Derrick James said “he looked really good, there’s not much to work on,” basically saying that this decision will make Jermell better. “Pressure busts pipes” he said, and that Harrison threw one or two punches and “that’s not a victory.”

–“I’m still the best,” Jermall declared. “Canelo beat Canelo, give me Canelo!” He is on “the other side” he was told, but no, “they try to confuse you all.” He said “De La Hoya still mentioning me, I’m unavoidable.”

–Jermall was told that social media thought he lost..he dismissed the question and the follower in a too brusque fashion.

–Jermell was asked if he was surprised that Harrison didn’t fade. He answered that people should be in shape and he doesn’t expect anyone he fights to fade. (Note: The pace of the bout made it more certain that Harrison wouldn’t. Not pressed to fight often enough, he could pick and choose his sports to engage, and he paced himself suprebly, arguably. In only one round did he throw more than 40 punches. In a rematch, you’d think Jermell would push that pace and seek to have Tony gas out.)

–“We gonna appeal that (decision loss), I don’t like that (not being undefeated),” Jermell said. “Now that we know we got real haters, like REAL, that only motivated us, JET FUEL, lion’s only forever,” Jermall said, at the tail end of the session.

My three cents: You saw the other side of the intensity of Jermell. His desire to win puts immense pressure on him and emotions bubbled to the surface but didn’t fully spill over in that Q n A. Their message, that this outing would serve to motivate them, is the right interpretation, thought we will see moving forward if Jermell will more so focus on how he got screwed, or on what he can do to next time not have that occur. He can look to appeal the loss, which will go nowhere, or listen to James’ call to exert more pressure next time, impose himself on his foe, and render the judges irrelevant.

In this age, that, more than anything seems to be our our top learned lesson for the weekend. Remove the judges from the equation, because many of them are not competent enough to be trusted to do the right thing.

Michael Woods
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