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PRESS RELEASE: Everlast Signs Dustin Poirier


New York, NY –Tuesday June 20, 2017: Dustin Poirier has officially signed a deal with Everlast Worldwide to become the latest athlete to join #TeamEverlast. Poirier has been working with Everlast unofficially for years and stated that “Everlast is an iconic name in combat sports, I’m excited about our partnership and the future!”

Poirier first started training to be a boxer in 2007. Later that year, a trip to his local MMA gym changed his life. Poirier turned pro in 2009 and was signed by WEC in 2010 after he amassed a 7-0 record.  In 2011, Poirier made his UFC debut & has since proven to be one of the most elite UFC Lightweights in the world. Dustin currently holds a 21-5-1 record, is a 3 time Fight of the Night recipient, 2 time Performance of the Night recipient, and 1 time Submission of the Night recipient.

Poirier is currently ranked the #9 Lightweight in the UFC. Poirier is a Brown belt in jiu-jitsu. In striking, he uses both power shots and combinations but banks on his boxing skills much more than his kicks. “I love working the mitts with my coach, I have always been a fan of the Everlast training equipment and I am excited to test their new equipment this fall.” Poirier stated.

Chris Zoller, the Marketing Director at Everlast, stated “We have worked with Poirier for years and have always been big fans of his, we love the passion he brings to the sport and enthusiasm he carries in and out of the ring. We look forward to working with him more closely and supporting his already successful career while building unique content to continue to build his brand.”  When asked about what he looks most forward to Poirier stated “Growing my personal brand with Everlast and becoming the best fighter I can be.” Everlast’s media team will be working with Poirier to build content and develop new products to support his training and promotion of his upcoming fights.

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