PROSPECT WATCH: 154 Pound Prospect Charles Conwell Touches ‘Em Up With TALKBOX

Regis Prograis will look to and I think will steal the show Saturday night, on ESPN, from New Orleans.

But our guest on the latest edition of Everlast TALKBOX, Charles Conwell, said that he wants to draw the most buzz of anyone on the card: “We looking to make a big, big, big statement,” the 154 pounder, from Ohio, told me.

Conwell is one of 7 siblings, and growing up, all the pups would lace up gloves, or wrestle, and so fighting was part of growing up for the Conwells. “It did make me a little more tougher in the ring,” he said, after we noted that today’s kids are more prone to staring at screens rather than rough-house. Yes, maybe there were more bruises and tears then, but something, some toughness, has been lost to “progress.”

Conwell holds a 7-0 (5 KOs) record and tomorrow he meets 19-3 Travis Scott…

Conwell, left, and Scott both made weight on Friday. (Mikey Williams pic)

..and I asked him if Scott is in fact a step-up fight for him, on paper. “I think this is a step up fight for me. He lost his last two fights against guys with more fights than I have,” he said, referencing Morgan Fitch and Mark DeLuca.

Scott, he said, will be taken out ASAP, “systematically break him down,” because “we don’t get paid for overtime.”

Lou Dibella…

..and Tony Holden co-promote the 2016 Olympian, and you can hear the boxer tell us why he chose those guys. “They called me on holidays, talked to me on a personal level,” he said.

David McWater and Split-T manage the Ohioan, and he weighed in, on what he thinks of the 154 pounder. “His potential is unlimited,” McWater said. “He’s just got so much going for him and his intensity in the ring is just too much. He reminds me in every way, especially his style and manner as an athlete and person of the great footballer Jim Brown. Like Brown is just unbelievably tough but is never animated, never loses his cool. I remember when he won the Olympic trials we were all so excited, some were crying and he was just so calm. He gave me his trophy, and I was like no that’s yours, and we went back and forth and finally I said – ‘Charles aren’t you excited?’ And he looked at me and was dead serious and in a very monotone voice said “yes.”

Talkbox and Conwell touched on more subjects, such as:

Have people tried to lure him away from Ohio, to Vegas, or Cali?

Is he a typical “Ohio” guy, a nice guy…or does he have a darker side, too?

Who is his top pick for pound for pound best?

Conwell tells us what his specialty punch is….

Check out the whole pod here, and you can watch Conwell in action on the ESPN+ app, Saturday.

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