Protect Yourself at All Times: R1 Boxers are Business Owners

Our friend Adrian Clark is launching a book, Protect Yourself at All Times. You should check it out. Clark, who created AC Sports Management, helps young and talented boxers go in the right direction in their career in and out of the ring. Clark was recognized by Forbes “30 under 30” which looks at some of the brightest minds in sports under the age of 30.

If you missed the Introduction make sure you read it first! Leading up to the release of his book we’ll be exclusively sharing the 12 rounds (12 Chapters) on #TeamEverlast along with a few video blogs. Here we go! Round 1 of 12

Round 1: Boxers are Business Owners

As professional boxers, you guys are not employed by anyone. Even if you are signed with a promotional company, you are not employed by the promotional company. They have simply contracted your services (to fight).

After you fight, whether win/lose/draw, they pay you for your service.That’s the transaction between two companies. The promotional company is its own respective business and so are you.

It is the same format with your team/camp. You contract their services, whether win/lose/draw, you pay them for their service which was either to negotiate, train, or cut. Everyone that you appoint works for you.

No matter what anyone tries to tell you, professional boxers are business owners every day of the week! You’re the OWNER and your name is the company.

You can’t name one owner who owns a multi-million dollar entity but is under contract to people he/she is paying. Be in the KNOW about everything to do with your name, which, again, is your company. Often times, people look to disable professional fighters by telling you guys to ONLY focus on training/fighting!

Think about it: Boxing is a business, but they only want you to view it as a sport. A business is an occupation, profession or trade that generates currency (money). A sport is a recreation of physical exertion, competition and skill.

So if you are just focusing on the sport, can you imagine how much you are missing in regard to the business? Just as you make time to hit the gym and polish your craft, make sure you are taking time to brush up on understanding the business you are in. It is okay to call for help to get understanding of business you don’t quite understand yet.

Some of the most prominent people on the planet have amazing people behind them to help operate their company. The President of the United States has a cabinet of individuals who help him make decisions on leading the country. He has to make the final decision, despite what 12 different individuals may say. The same will go for you in your career. Owners of companies cannot attend every meeting or track every dollar, but they have trustworthy people in place to not only make sure things are run properly, but to report and give updates on the company’s progress.

Although this chapter is one of the shortest, it is one of the most essential things to remember, you as a professional boxer are indeed a business owner/independent contractor. Learn what it means to be one and act as such.

You are not an employee. Read on to see how you can stop being treated and handled like one. You have to be aware of the business early in your career. Now at an older age, I understand more about how things are supposed to be in the sport of boxing.


Adrian Clark
About the Author:

Adrian Clark. Adrian Clark, owner of AC Sports Management, LLC and best selling author hails from Dallas, Texas. A former National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) ‘Player Agent’ began representing professional athletes at the age of 23. In 2016, he created the ‘Boxer-Manager Agreement’ and was named to Forbes: 30 Under 30 (Sports) as a game-changer for the sport of Boxing. Clark also had a 3 year amateur boxing career as studied for his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.