Protect Yourself at All Times: R4 Boxer Manager Agreement

Adrian Clark is launching a book, Protect Yourself at All Times. Clark, who created AC Sports Management, helps young and talented boxers go in the right direction in their career in and out of the ring. Clark was recognized by Forbes “30 under 30” which looks at some of the brightest minds in sports under the age of 30.

Leading up to the release of his book we’ll be exclusively sharing the 12 rounds (12 Chapters) on #TeamEverlast along with video blogs mad by Clark.

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Round 4: Boxer Manager Agreement

My short stint as an NBA agent helped me think of the Boxer-Manager Agreement. I appreciated how the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) had standard contracts for the players and agents. When I say standard, I mean every contract said the same thing. That was my aim with the Boxer-Manager Agreement. I wanted to equip fighters with their own contracts to HIRE a manager.

What’s in the Boxer-Manager Agreement?

1). Have the set duties of the manager.

2). Include what percentage of purse will be paid for the services of the manager.

3). Termination clause (no rights to assign for either party).

4). NET not GROSS compensation.

The difference between NET and GROSS is this: NET is what you pay AFTER you pay your expenses! GROSS is what you pay BEFORE you pay your expenses!

I’ve heard people say, “no credible manager is going to sign that”. My response to that is, “no savvy businessman who is looking for a spokesperson will move forward without it… ESPECIALLY in a sport with no athlete union.”

How many stories have you heard about a manager going broke and career being ruined because a fighter left, or stole money from him? Now ask yourself the same question in regards to the fighters.


Adrian Speaks About Round 4:

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About the Author:

Adrian Clark. Adrian Clark, owner of AC Sports Management, LLC and best selling author hails from Dallas, Texas. A former National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) ‘Player Agent’ began representing professional athletes at the age of 23. In 2016, he created the ‘Boxer-Manager Agreement’ and was named to Forbes: 30 Under 30 (Sports) as a game-changer for the sport of Boxing. Clark also had a 3 year amateur boxing career as studied for his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.