Protect Yourself at All Times: R5 Signing with a Promoter

Adrian Clark is launching a book, Protect Yourself at All Times. Clark, who created AC Sports Management, helps young and talented boxers go in the right direction in their career in and out of the ring. Clark was recognized by Forbes “30 under 30” which looks at some of the brightest minds in sports under the age of 30.

Leading up to the release of his book we’ll be exclusively sharing the 12 rounds (12 Chapters) on #TeamEverlast along with video blogs mad by Clark.

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Round 5: Signing with a Promoter 

Signing with a promoter is a great day for a professional boxer. You are one step closer to your dreams. Please remember, this is a business relationship! The promoter can drop you, just as fast as they signed you! Make sure the contract is negotiated in your best interest! The promoter will be sure that his or her company is protected in the contract… Make sure you do the same!

A couple of things to remember before signing:

  • EVERYTHING is negotiable! The worse they can say is NO!
  • Promoters can BREACH contracts also, make sure there is a clause in place to bring forth a CURE on your behalf.
  • YOUR. RESEARCH! Don’t sign with a company just because they want you. Check them out and their history.
  • Make sure your minimums are in place for a 4rd, 6rd, 8rd, 10rd and 12rd fight.
  • Ask to include a buyout clause in your contract. The number can be negotiated at the time but just as the promoters can drop you at any time, have something in place that can gain your freedom.

Fighters need to be promoted! Think about guys like Canelo, Terrence Crawford and GGG all A-list fighters, all PPV headliners, all make money outside of the ring from sponsorships and endorsements deals. Of course, it is because they are amazing fighters but also because of the art of promotion. They were built up and placed on the right path to superstardom and world champions.

Protect Yourself at All Time…

Adrian Clark
About the Author:

Adrian Clark. Adrian Clark, owner of AC Sports Management, LLC and best selling author hails from Dallas, Texas. A former National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) ‘Player Agent’ began representing professional athletes at the age of 23. In 2016, he created the ‘Boxer-Manager Agreement’ and was named to Forbes: 30 Under 30 (Sports) as a game-changer for the sport of Boxing. Clark also had a 3 year amateur boxing career as studied for his undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.