Protect Yourself at All Times: R7 Understanding Your Money

Adrian Clark is launching a book, Protect Yourself at All Times. Clark, who created AC Sports Management, helps young and talented boxers go in the right direction in their career in and out of the ring. Clark was recognized by Forbes “30 under 30” which looks at some of the brightest minds in sports under the age of 30.

Leading up to the release of his book we’ll be exclusively sharing the 12 rounds (12 Chapters) on #TeamEverlast along with video blogs mad by Clark.

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Round 7: Understanding Your Money

Understanding Your Money is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! What you sign for is NOT what you are going to take home. As a professional boxer, you have an ‘overhead expense’ which you have to pay
EVERY fight unless agreed otherwise.

What is an ‘overhead expense’?

  • Manager
  • Trainer
  • Cutman
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Sparring Partners
  • License & Sanction fees

Every fight, you guys have to payout for the entities listed above. Ask yourself a couple of questions in regards to your current situation and then do the math…

  • What percentage do I have to pay each individual?
  • Collectively, what percentage do I pay out after each fight?
  • What percentage do I take home after paying everyone?
  • What can I do to lower my overhead expenses?

Answer these questions and you will further understand your money a lot better!

Protect Yourself at All Times!

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