Pulling No Punches, As Usual, Arum Takes To Twitter To Hammer Hearn

This could have gone off the rails, in a good way….But no, the first Bob Arum Twitter Q n A went off on Tuesday without a hitch.

The 87 year old deal-maker, the GPOAT, took queries on the social media platform.

Such as…

What does he think about Tyson Fury doing WWE?

The promoter said he thinks Fury could do the rasslin’ thing after he finishes boxing. He called the Traveller “the best heavyweight in the world in the sport of boxing.”

The questions weren’t too stressful. Like, tell us about your first meeting with Muhammad Ali.

The Brooklyn native said that he met Ali through Jim Brown, the NFL legend, and Ali “appeared to me to be larger than life but always a very, very sympathetic type of person who realized I hadn’t been doing boxing at all, and treated me with great kindness and respect.”

And who is THE BEST prospect in the game?

Bob picked from a lot of two, both Top Rank players: Shakur Stevenson, and also Teofimo Lopez. He informed us about forthcoming fights for both. Stevenson battles Joet Gonzalez in a couple weeks in Reno and Lopez meets Richard Commey in December, in NYC.

Good query, here. What keeps him fired up to keep promoting?

Because things freshen up, “The cast changes.” Ali, Hagler, Leonard, then Floyd Mayweather, to Manny Pacquiao, Tyson Fury, etc, new personalties, with new challenges in how to present them to the masses.

And please describe Eddie Hearn in three words…

Bob used more than three.

“I’ve known him since he’s been a young guy, since I promoted fights with his father Barry. Eddie has to learn the world isn’t about him. He would do himself a big favor if he learned how to shut up occasionally,” he said, with a chuckle.

They ended up with a pretty pertinent issue…the Errol Spence versus Terence Crawford bout.

Arum shared that he’d met with Al Haymon, who advises Spence, and Haymon last summer indicated that he’d be open to making the Texan battle the Nebraskan in 2020. “I hope we will see Crawford and Spence,” Arum said. Him and Al were talking about the Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder rematch. Arum said it should be done sooner rather than later, and “do it immediately,” as they did with Ray Leonard-Tommy Hearns.

I reached out to Evan Korn, who runs the media relations for Top Rank, how this all came together.

“That was Ryan Greene and our social media team,” Korn told me. “Big response to it..He picked the questions, he conducted the interview. Bob was Bob like he always is, you never have to tell Bob to turn it on. The answers were supposed to be shorter for social, but when he gets on a roll, you just let him go. Eddie Hearn in three words, he goes on for three paragraphs, which I found pretty funny. We talked about making a semi-recurring bit.”

Arum said he’d be doing this Q n As regularly, for the record, so get a query ready….

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