PYaAT-Business of Boxing Podcast RD 3: Accepting Money from Management (Loans, etc.)

PYaAT- Business of Boxing Podcast, Powered by Everlast

Last month, Everlast & Adrian Clark partnered up to launch PYaAT- Business of Boxing Podcast.

PYaAT, powered by Everlast, is the podcast adaptation of Adrian Clark’s best-selling book about the business of boxing, Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers. The 12 round info series aims to prepare any up and coming fighter for the challenges he will surely encounter from the business side of the sport. Each round shines a light on the gray area in the sport and covers topics such as taxes, contracts, retirement, and insurance.

If you missed the first installment of the 12-series PYaAT podcast, you can get caught up here: Round 1 Round 2

Here is Round 3, Accepting Money from Management (Loans, etc.)

Nothing is free in this world. Nothing is free in the boxing business. Short term thinking and bad decision making has ruined a lot of fighters, long term.

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Adrian Clark is an accomplished author and boxing manager. He is also the owner of AC Sports Management, a management company that works with a list of professional boxers including Frank Galarza and Willie Monroe Jr. In 2016, Clark was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list of outstanding sports professionals. Prior to boxing, Clark worked as an NBA sports agent and at only 25 years old, became one of the youngest ever to be certified by the NBPA.

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