Regarding PED Testing For Canelo-Chavez Jr Fight

The May 6 Mexican mashup featuring Canelo Alvarez testing the notion that a more skilled pugilist can hop up in weight and carry the skill edge to a win over a beefier foe, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has featured some solid trash talking as we count down to fight. The highlight has been a war of words which culminated in the offer and acceptance of a winner take all purse bet.

That came Feb 22 and three days later, pop hit the roof.

Julio’s dad, the Mexi-legend Julio Sr said no bueno. No bet for you, Junior.

Was he being the voice of reason and to be applauded…or showing his hidden dubiousness at the prospect of his son, not always prone to taking training as seriously as dad would prefer, beating the redhead?

Along the way, Team Junior, now including the notorious Memo Heredia, a strength and conditioning/supplement advisor/Weight Watchers* overseer, took a slap at Canelo re: the testing protocol for this tango.

Wrote Keith Idec on Boxing Scene on Tuesday:
“Chavez and his besmirched strength and conditioning coach, Angel Heredia, have expressed skepticism publicly about testing administered by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association as they prepare for their May 6 catch-weight showdown in Las Vegas. Chavez and Heredia have implied Alvarez has something to hide by being particularly critical on social media about VADA testing their urine, but not their blood.” See more at:–115517#sthash.GczjVrjl.dpuf

To maybe get some clarity, I reached out to VADA chief Dr. Margaret Goodman.

We’ve seen Memo Heredia and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr casting aspersions on VADA testing, and parsing out testing done via blood, and via urine. Can you offer, Dr. Goodman, any insight on the testing done to date for Canelo and Chavez Jr, ahead of their May 6 fight?

“Mr. Alvarez and Mr. Chavez entered VADA as a part of the CBP on March 12th,” Dr. Goodman responded. “Both athleres have undergone blood and urine testing.”

So there you go, something to satisfy fans of both substances.

*=Just a little jest. No, Oprah, I am not actually putting forth that Mr Heredia and WW are affiliated.

Michael Woods
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