Roach Thinks Chavez Jr Has A Chance To Beat Canelo

Freddie Roach has been up close and personal with Julio Cesar Chavez, going 4-1 with the son of the legend, cornering him.

Now, he parted ways with Junior, because the chip off the old block wasn’t putting the needed energy into training. But, he told me, he’s not ikred at Junior and in fact, he’s rooting for the 31 year old to do well.

“I think Junior has a chance to beat Canelo,” Roach told me Friday afternoon, before the principals weighed in, in Las Vegas. “Canelo is getting better and better, is on the upswing, Chavez is going the other way a little. He quit once, and that makes it easier to quit again.” He’s referring to Junior opting out, after nine complete rounds, after taking too much punishment from Andrzej Fonfara in their April 2015 tango.

“Canelo is the bigger puncher of the two, I favor him to win,” said “Dedham” Freddie from his worldwide known Wild Card Gym in LA. “I hope for Junior to do well, because of the friendship we have, for four fights he was great.

“He’s a good guy, not sure why didn’t didn’t train last fight, too much pressure, I don’t know..I would like to take him on again, but there’s too much risk him now showing up.” Roach references the first loss of Junior’s career, against Sergio Martinez, back in 2012. He was handled with relative ease but did uptick in the last round, when he sent Martinez to the mat twice, one ruled a slip.

Still, he’d sometimes just no show at Wild Card.

Some fans mock the boxer, and he gets abuse hurled at him on social media.

I asked Freddie, how bad was he? Did he smoke up and then show up to the gym?

“No, he never came in smelling of smoking,” Roach said. “He wouldn’t be that disrespectful. He’d just not show up.”

It’s Nacho Beristain’s situation now, win or lose. Junior has a history of trainer shopping. Joe Goossen helmed him when he got hurt by Fonfara.

Straight up, Freddie said he likes the kid and roots for him to succeed. Check my Twitter @Woodsy1069 for more from “Dedham” Freddie, who will be getting Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto ready for summer scraps.

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