RUMOR: Andre Ward To Top Rank

There is chatter in certain circles that Andre Ward, maybe the best active boxer on this planet, might be headed to Top Rank, the top dog in the fight promotion biz.

My guy Mr X alerted me to this dispatch from rumorville, telling me that Ward (32-0 record; age 33) might be going to do his thing for and with Bob Arum.

Ward (pictured in Stephanie Trapp pic) has been with Roc Nation after many moons with Dan Goossen. Roc seems on less stable ground as a long term presence in the space, perhaps, being that their co focal point Miguel Cotto went over to Golden Boy. Roc, the Jay Z conglomerate, also boasts Guillermo Rogondeaux on their roster and some up and coming talent. Top Rank is re loading as Manny Pacquiao edges toward the sunset of his career and the Vegas based outfit needs studs to place on ESPN, their new platform partner.

James Prince advises Ward–and his client Bryant Jennings just hooked on with Top Rank–and I messaged him, to request a confirm or deny. “Not true,” he responded when I asked if Ward is going to latch on with Arum. Prince was not at liberty to divulge the length of Ward’s contract with Roc, he said.

I reached out to Roc to ask about this chatter and hadn’t heard back at time of publication.

So there you go, friends. Chatter addressed, asked and answered.

Michael Woods
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