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Rumor: Floyd Mayweather Vs. Errol Spence

Rumors abound in the sport of boxing, for very good reason.

Because there is no league office setting the schedule, everyone is making it up as they go. Fights are considered, trial balloons sent up, appetite from the buying public is gauged…and so the rumor mill is consistently fed tidbits of what might come to pass…or is being considered.

Such as…

How about this one making the rounds in certain circles…

Floyd Mayweather will come back from his hiatus, and enter the boxing ring again to take on a legit young gun, a pound for pound ace, and what would be the stiffest test of his entire career. Floyd Mayweather is coming back to fight Errol Spence!

The rumor making the rounds is a Floyd Mayweather comeback fight versus Errol Spence.

The rumor making the rounds is a Floyd Mayweather comeback fight versus Errol Spence.

That is the RUMOR…I don’t want to start a stampede here. Lord knows I don’t know the legitimacy of that pairing. Indeed, I’d lay odds that we sure as hell never see that one, being that Floyd turns 43 in February, and the Texan Spence, at age 29,  is a beast at 147 and in his physical prime.

Floyd has been such a savvy matchmaker, and hasn’t gloved up against a true young gun since 2013, when he faced off with a greener Canelo Alvarez.

A Floyd vs Errol fight was discussed here.

So…talk to me. You think Floyd would ever agree to fight Spence? He last “fought” on New Years Eve, when he did an easy exhibition against a kickboxer in Japan.

Before that, he fought 0-0 pro Conor McGregor in August 2017.

Fair to say rust could be an issue…but, and this could be a capital B but…a Mayweather vs Spence fight would be seen as fair-value $100 pay per view, and would fetch Floyd the level of paycheck he desires. Oh, yeah, this rumor might be out there to influence negotiations in something else Floyd might actually be wanting to do.

Your thoughts, friends?

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