Rumor: Garcia vs Porter For WBC Interim 147 Crown

Keith Thurman’s luck continues in the same direction, what with the boxer being injured again, and having his May 19 fight against TBA scratched.

Word is the Florida boxer, who holds the WBC and WBA welterweight titles, hurt his hand. A deep bruise, it was said, has him looking for a re-set date to come back to the ring.

Thurman’s last fight came in March 2017, when he won a split decision against Danny Garcia, then the WBC titlist. The 28-0 boxer had surgery on his right elbow after the win, and said he wanted to take it slow-ish after that. He deliberated heavily on what foe, and what level of foe he’d step in with. And the deliberations were continuing, being that his May opponent hadn’t been selected or announced. Then, before that happened, the bone bruise on his left hand.

No fooling, chatter is following Thurman. How much does he like to fight? Fair or not, some folks note that people fight through bruises, especially because we are a good bit away from May 19, so one could assume solid healing could occur between now and then, if he were to keep that left hand holstered. And really, truly, actually, is that hand hurt? I cast no aspersion, I’m just reporting what the chatter is.

The chatter isn’t even in whisper mode, in some circles. Shawn Porter is out and out saying it, that Thurman steers clear of choppy waters. They met in June 2016, and Thurman took a UD in a WBA title defense. But yes, we hear other chatter, that Al Haymon is over it, that the big man gets perturbed that Thurman is hard to please on the topic of who he will agree to fight.

All in all, truth or fiction in that realm, the boxing world will keep turning.

One whisper I heard, from my guy Mr. X: The WBC won’t wait longer for Thurman to heal, from the elbow, the hand, whatever else… and they will OK an interim title fight.

Pitting who against who? We hear Shawn Porter against Danny Garcia…Yeah, the last two guys who Thurman fought.

Might make some sense, being that Garcia is rated No. 1 by the WBC, and Porter is rated No. 2. I emailed Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC boss, and asked him to confirm or deny, so I will insert a reply if and when applicable.

Your thoughts, my friends?

Michael Woods
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