Schaub Goes Below The Belt Calling Floyd Fight Fixed

The fight happened on New Year’s eve in Japan and all these days later, chatter about that Floyd Mayweather fight against RIZIN kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa is still bubbling up.

Showtime podcaster/presence Brendan Schaub, the ex fighter fighter who now does standup comedy, on his Below the Belt show came out and stated he thinks the fight was staged, a fix.

“I’ve seen better acting in pornos,” Schaub said of Nasukawa, who was knocked down three times by blows that yes, I must admit, maybe didn’t look like they were such telling blows.

Now, it must be noted that Schaub asked an off camera person if indeed the exhibition took place in Japan..and it seems he has definitive feelings about RIZIN, being that he takes a slap at them for allegedly lax PED testing policies.

My initial take as I took in Schaub’s comments was, WOW.

First off, you all know Floyd has had a relationship with Showtime since he jumped from HBO in 2013. I think this stance from a Showtime contractor might be signaling that this relationship is dunzo…unless a Floyd versus Schaub match is being fertilized. I think that’s not a possibility, though who knows in this day and age, of mixed weight and cross sport faceoffs.

Second, I don’t agree with such an assertion, that an event was staged, to be made so breezily.

To me, fixing even an exhibition is a serious charge and a prominent media fixture shouldn’t casually assert a fight is fixed without offering more than gut feeling as “proof.” Schaub tells watchers that “of course this is fake” and all viewers should have known that. The talker took a shot at Tenshin for crying, implying outright that was part of his act. Yeah, we think the guy faked crying and wanted to put up with the hit to his machismo to help bolster the performance? Doesn’t seem on surface the path to a successful fix.

The ex fighter notes that he isn’t taking a slap at Floyd for doing the exhibition…but charging that he is involved in a fixed fight is indeed taking a slap at “Money.”

Schaub went on to call the fight a “shit show,” and said it’s a “win-win for everyone,” from the perspective of buffing up social media numbers. I’d like to see Mayweather address the “fixed fight” chatter, and Tenshin, too. Because this is about truth in advertising and no, talk of any fixed fight doesn’t make boxing look good. Casuals know about this event and we think it’s not harmful if they are told that the fight was fixed?

Rhetorical question, my friends….

Hey, I get it; this is the age where conspiracy theories have become main stream. You Tube does incredible numbers pushing substance-less theorizing, and it dumbs us all down. Proof and evidence are no longer mandatory, gut feelings and intuition are acceptable substitutes. And no, this isn’t good for us as a society.

What say we clap back on this trend, and go back to demanding higher standards, even on sports chat shows?


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