Hello everyone! Talkbox here with Woodsy bringing another stacked card on this show. Leading off, legendary promoter, Bob Arum, speaks with Woodsy about EVERYTHING! Bob shares when you can expect your favorite fighters (Shakur, Bud Crawford, and others) to have their next fight, the Lomachenko card, and even some of the election news. Always good banter and insight to what might be going on in the boxing world.

Next up, the heartbreaker! WBA World Champion Brandon Figueroa makes his homecoming fight with his belt on the line this Saturday. He stops by to talk about how special it is fighting in his hometown and you also get to know a little more about what makes Brandon the Heartbreaker.

Fellow journalist and news-breaking specialist, Mike Coppinger joins the show. He and Woodsy have a good talk about what it takes to make it in the journalism gig. Specifically in boxing. He also shares his thoughts on who runs the boxing game and who’s actually influential today. 

Last but not least, #6 ranked Abraham Nova comes to close the show. Abraham has a fight coming up on UFC Fight pass. His parents are Dominican, was born in Puerto Rico, and he has multiple fights in Belgium. All while hailing from Albany, NY! A lot to know about this prospect. Get to know him before everyone else on Talkbox!

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