Talkbox Episode 13: Matt Taibbi

NEW PODCAST IS OUT! And am I proud of this guest get…NY Times Bestselling author Matt Taibbi was in studio!

Here is how I introed the Rolling Studio contributing editor:

The man sitting before us at the Everlast studio in midtown Manhattan, the capital of the world, his material pisses me off.

Not in the way that the boys at Goldman get pissed off that until the Global Warming God decides to pull our planets plug, their identities will be that of being an arm of a “great vampire squid.” And by great, it is understood we mean odious and unconscionable…

No, his best material, the way he artfully and scientifically crafts a phrase with the mixture of the rapidity and fluidity of a Muhammad Ali jab and the concussive force of a George Foreman right cross, it leaves me irked because I know on my best day of wirdsmithery i will never rise to that plateau.

He has been described as the journalistic heir of Hunter S Thompson, and an apt parallel though it should be noted that my sources indicate to me that the only powder Matt Taibbi ingests these days is Emergen C, because he maintains a grueling and prolific schedule. His last book The Divide: American Justice in the Age of the Wealth Gap rightfully took a slot in the NY TIMES best seller rankings. He is a contributing editor at Rolling Stone Magazine, where he files works such as How Trump Lost His Mojo, and he is a husband and father who lives in New Jersey. He is Matt Taibbi, and he kindly joins us for a sit down shoot the shit on TALKBOX. Matt, thanks so much for making the arduous river crossing!



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