Talking Broner Rumors–New Trainer? New House? Fighting Mikey?

Adrien Broner is maybe the most interesting and colorful guy in pro boxing right now.

Yeah, in a sometimes “too exciting” way for some.

The Cinci boxer wears his heart on his sleeve on social media, and his direct pronouncements sometimes get those close to him worried. And he isn’t one to stay inside the gym 24-6, and hit church on day 7…the guy is out and about, has fun, sometimes too much, it looks like. And he can be a trouble magnet. He was detained last month on an old warrant and authorities yanked him from a shot up vehicle. Not long after, he was crowing that he is too quick for the bad guys, and that his defense, against bullets, is too strong.

His coach, Mike Stafford, tells me that sure enough, he worries about AB.

I wondered, when I got wind of Broner getting a house in Miami, is that a good or bad thing? Stafford said that AB is a big boy, and he’s out-grown Cincinnati.

“That’s my son,” he said. “He’s gotta realize, and we all realize when we’re growing up, he got bills he gotta pay, he gotta take care of business. I’m always worried about him (because I love him)…we never know what’s gonna happen in life…he’s still alive and God got something big planned for him!”

Oh, and no, in case you heard on the grapevine that Kevin Cunningham is taking over for Stafford, that’s a pure rumor. Camp–in Colorado– in fact will start shortly for AB, who is rumored to be gloving up next with Mikey Garcia, in what would be a VERY much anticipated bout, in Brooklyn. Broner is these days doing his own promoting, and Stafford said he’s having more say in plotting his own course, though he still works in concert with Al Haymon. “He’s a big boy now, and he knows the business,” said Stafford.

As for fighting Garcia, he would not confirm that’s next. “We’ll fight anybody,” he declared.

My takes: Broner versus Mikey would be welcomed by all. I’m hoping it happens, and in NY, because c’mon, I live here. Also, I root for Broner to see that light, get into a “get it” mode which sticks with him.

Michael Woods
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