Team Everlast Week In Review: Apr 11th – 15th

There was plenty of Boxing, MMA, and Fitness news this week and Team Everlast has you covered. In this week’s edition of Team Everlast Week in Review we provide a quick look at everything you may have missed!




Monday: Boxing Recap; 10 Minute HIIT Workout

Tuesday: Brain vs. Heart Recap; Ultimate Fighter Coaches; The Prodigy Returns; Dive Into A Swin Workout

Wednesday: State Of The Heavyweight Division; ICYMI: Benson Henderson; Food Ideas For Before And After Workouts

Thursday: Canelo Training Montage; MSG To Host UFC 205

Friday: OTDIBH: 7 Min And 52 Sec Fight; The Power Of Stretching; Weekend Preview; Brain vs Heart: UFC on Fox 19





Casual boxing fans know that Gennady “GGG” Golovkin is fighting on April 23rd. Half of them probably couldn’t even tell you who he is fighting. However, the mindset of Dominic Wade is to not just prove doubters wrong, but to ruin future plans for GGG. Wade is aware of the noise going on around him. He is also aware of the GGG vs Canelo fight talks. Dominic Wade believes he can break up those talks once he takes care of business next weekend. Do you think he can do it?

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I know, we can’t seem to go a week without talking about Jon Jones or Conor McGregor. But with the amount of build the Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2 fight had, how can we not report everything that is happening after Cormier pulled out of the fight? After Jones’ incident with the police resulting in two nights in jail, Cormier defended the former light heavyweight champion by saying he believes there is more to the story than him just drag racing. To find out what Cormier believes, go give the link below a nice click.

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We all know about the quick work that Anthony Joshua put in against Charles Martin last weekend to secure his first title. Now, he has the voice of Fury in his head and wants to face the champion next. The loud mouth Fury is confident he can KO Joshua real quick, and well, do things that we can’t say here.. To see more, click the link below.

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FINALLY! Not only did the governer of New York sign the legislation making MMA legal in the state the other day; but the UFC also announced their first New York fight date. The fight, which doesn’t have any fighters on the card just yet, will be taking place at the Worlds Most Famous Arena in Madison Square Garden. We can already guess a few names, but to see the date, go on over to our own Team Everlast post for more info.

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