THE FIGHT CAVE MMA PODCAST Ep 24: Lyman Good, UFC Welterweight & Andre “The Bull” Harrison, WSOF Featherweight Champ

The Fight Cave had a full studio for this episode!  Sergio brought in his son, Lil’ Serg, then Lyman Good came in, followed by #TeamEverlast athlete and a Fight Cave regular, Dre the Bull Harrison.

Lyman, Matt & Sergio talked about Lyman’s false PED usage, his vindication, and ability to reenter the cage after 4/23.  Of course, weight cutting is discussed which leads to another good story from Sergio and his pursuit to try intermittent fasting.

They breakdown UFC 210 and Lyman gives his answers to the Fight Cave 5 with a heartfelt message to up and coming fighters.

Andre “The Bull” Harrison pops in next as the new World Series of Fighting Featherweight champ, after his win against Lance Palmer.  He talks about the fight, his sports psychologist, future fights, and gives his insight on some of the UFC 210 card, too!

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