The Brain vs. The Heart: Top 5 Moments of UFC Fight Night 85

The Brain went 2-4 on UFC Fight Night 85, while the Heart managed to do slightly better with 3-3. That brings the overall record for the Heart to 28-17 and 25-20 for the Brain. There were quite a few highlights, especially on the main card, so let’s look at the top 5 moments of UFC Fight Night 85:

  1. Kelly Completes Comeback with Third Round Stoppage

This fight featured the most lopsided odds on the entire card, and in the first round, those odds seemed justified. Carlos Junior was on Kelly’s back for practically the entire round. Although he was unable to secure a finish, it was easily a 10-8 round for Carlos Junior. However, the second and third rounds were a completely different story. Kelly did an outstanding job of defending the takedown in round two and was able to land the better shots. In round three, Kelly was able to land stifle Carlos Junior again and this time Kelly was able to capitalize. Kelly exploded with punches and Carlos Junior seemed to have nothing left in the tank. Kelly continued to pound away until the referee finally intervened. Great comeback win for Kelly. I still think Carlos Junior can have a lot of success in the division, but he clearly has some work to do after faltering in the second and third rounds. While Kelly’s win was far from perfect, he did show heart and the ability to battle back from adversity. He’ll get another stiff test in his next fight.

  1. Bosse Crumples Te Huna

We knew Bosse had power, but not many of us predicted he would finish Te Huna, even after Te Huna’s layoff. Bosse proved everyone wrong within a minute of the first round. He delivered a perfect right hand to Te Huna’s chin and folded him up like an accordion. Te Huna may be considering retirement after the loss as he seemed to be wavering a bit before the fight. Bosse picks up by far his biggest win to date. Though I don’t see Bosse ever reaching the elite level, he’s proven to be an exciting finish or get finished type of fighter.

  1. Matthews Submits Case Late in Third

Two up and coming lightweights were matched up against each other, and Matthews and Case definitely delivered. The fighters traded shots throughout the fight and the first two rounds were extremely close. Towards the end of the second, Matthews was able to land a perfectly placed body shot that really seemed to turn the tide. Matthews came out attacking in the third and really seemed to take over the fight. Later in the round Matthews came extremely close to finishing a rear-naked choke, but Case was able to escape. Matthews was finally able to flatten Case out and lock in the fight ending rear-naked choke with only 15 seconds to go in the round. It was a good thing Matthews got the finish, because the judges gave Case the first two rounds. Matthews and Case were awarded Fight of the Night for their efforts. Case picked up his first UFC loss, but he’ll definitely get another shot in the UFC as he’s impressed almost every time out so far. Matthews gets a high profile win, and at only 21 years old, the sky is the limit for this kid.

  1. Hunt Delivers Another Walk Off KO

Mark Hunt proved again that he has hands of dynamite. Midway through the first round Hunt caught Mir with a right hand that dropped him to the mat. In classic Mark Hunt fashion, he knew the damage was done and casually walked away for another one-punch KO. Mir finds himself in a hard position. He’s now lost two in a row and six of his last eight. I really don’t know if the UFC will cut him, but I can definitely see Dana push Mir towards retirement. Hunt has now won two in a row, and although he’s still quite a ways from another title shot, there are still plenty of fun matchups to be made. A fight with Josh Barnett sounds like a great idea.

  1. Magny Survives Brutal First to Stop Lombard in the Third

Lombard came out throwing bombs and tried to end this one early. He almost succeeded as he connected with Magny and followed up with countless shots. Magny was clearly hurt, but somehow managed to survive and defend himself well enough to stop the referee from intervening. He did manage to get back to his feet and at the end of the first round it was apparent that Lombard was tired from aggressively seeking the finish. It was no doubt a 10-8 round for Lombard. Magny came out looking fresh in round two. He was able to easily land on the gassed Lombard. Lombard did manage to drop Magny again though. Lombard decided to go for a heel hook, but Magny easily defended and managed to get on top of Lombard. Magny blasted away on a clearly exhausted Lombard. Magny had Lombard completely flattened out and was pounding away as Lombard failed to defend himself, but the referee inexplicably failed to stop the fight. That round was no doubt a 10-8 or 10-7 for Magny. Magny continued his attack at the start of the third. Lombard clearly had nothing left in the tank and was easily taken down. Magny was able to get mount and land a handful of strikes and the referee finally stopped the fight 46 seconds into the third round. Lombard proved he still has brutal power, but his stamina has continued to be an issue. It will be interesting to see who Lombard gets matched up with next. Magny has now won three in a row and will be looking at another high profile fight. He likely gained quite a few fans with that amazing display of heart. I think Magny gets a top five opponent next. Those would all be tough fights, but I’ll definitely be rooting for Magny.

There is a pretty big break in UFC action, but be sure to check back in three weeks when the UFC heads to Croatia for UFC Fight Night 86. The main event is a heavyweight clash between Ben Rothwell and Junior Dos Santos.

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