The Brain vs. The Heart: UFC 199

Welcome to The Brain vs. The Heart. Everyone has that internal battle with themselves about which fighter you think will win vs. which fighter you actually want to win. The Brain vs The Heart takes you on a journey inside the mind (and heart) of IAMMA to tackle the battle head-on. The Brain and the Heart are tied with a 47-35 record. Who will win? Let’s find out!

Bobby Green (+180) vs. Dustin Poirier (-210)

The Brain: Green had a ton of momentum heading into his last fight, but unfortunately his eight fight win streak was snapped by Edson Barboza. Poirier has won three in a row and is undefeated since his move up to lightweight. Green is an active striker and likes to be aggressive. He’s good on the ground and well. Poirier is also an active striker, but he can get hit a little too often. He still seems to have power even with his move up in weight. Poirier is good and finding submission opportunities, but he may have a hard time keeping Green on the ground. I think Poirier can control the fight and I think he can take a close decision. Poirier by Decision

The Heart: I like Green. He’s a tough fighter and is one of the most under the radar Strikeforce transfers. Although he recently lost to Barboza, he proved he belongs among the division’s best. I’ve always liked the way Poirier fights. Although he can be a little “in your face” during weigh-ins he’s always respectful after the fight is over. During the fight, he attacks with ferocity and is always exciting to watch. Tough call in this fight, but I’m leaning towards Poirier in this fight. Poirier by Decision

Dan Henderson (+310) vs. Hector Lombard (-375)

The Brain: Lombard is getting up there in age, but he’ll actually be seven years younger than Henderson. They will have a combined age of 83 for this fight. Lombard looked solid early in his most recent fight against Neil Magny, but he gassed after he was unable to get the stoppage and Magny came back for an impressive stoppage victory of his own. Lombard definitely hits with power, but he can be hittable at times as well. He really excels in the clinch. Henderson is known for his power and his brutal right H-Bomb, but time has not been kind to him recently Henderson has lost six of his last eight fights and his once iron chin has seemed to deteriorate. I expect this to be a short fight. I think both of these guys are going to throw some heat early and either has a chance if they can connect. Given how poorly Henderson’s chin has held up as of late, I have to favor Lombard to get the job done in this fight. Lombard by TKO

The Heart: It appeared as though Lombard was on his way to an early victory in his last fight, but he tired himself out. It was definitely a big setback and he’s really failed to live up to the hype he had when he entered the UFC. He needs a win here or he may be cut. Although Henderson is clearly on his way out, he’s still one of my favorite all-time fighters. He’ll never fight for a title again, but I’d still like to see him land one more H-Bomb and go out with a win. Henderson by TKO

Max Holloway (-305) vs. Ricardo Lamas (+255)

The Brain: Lamas may not have the most consistent record, but he’s always tough. He recently rebounded from his TKO loss to Chad Mendes with a decision win over Diego Sanchez. Holloway has been on a tear, winning his last eight fights. Lamas strikes with power and has good kicks as well. He also has a solid ground game. Holloway is 10 years younger and will have a 3” height advantage, but will have a 2” shorter reach. He is an extremely active striker and definitely likes to keep the fight standing. Holloway likes to attack from everywhere and he has solid takedown defense. He’s come a long way since he entered the UFC and has continually improved his game. Although Lamas is dangerous, I expect Holloway to take this fight add another win to his streak. Holloway by Decision

The Heart: Lamas has showed moments of brilliance, but he’s also shown a few lapsed of judgement as well. He is an extremely talented fighter and could challenge anyone in the division if he’s focused. As I’ve said before, I’ve followed Holloway since I watched him fight in person as an amateur in Des Moines, IA back in 2009. He’s come a long way since then, and unbelievably he’s still only 24 years old. I continue to be a bigger fan each time I watch him fight. I like Lamas, but this is the easiest fight for me to choose on the card. Holloway by TKO

Dominick Cruz (-475) vs. Urijah Faber (+375)

The Brain: This bantamweight title fight is to settle the longtime rivalry between Faber and Cruz. Faber won the first fight by first round guillotine, which would be Cruz’s last loss to date. Cruz won the second fight by unanimous decision. Although Faber won the first fight and the second fight was competitive, the third fight doesn’t seem to have as much luster. A big part of that is probably because Faber doesn’t seem to be as dominant as he once was and Cruz seems better than ever. I still expect this fight to be competitive. Faber is fast and excels and finding submissions, especially the guillotine. Cruz uses a high output striking approach combined with amazing footwork and movement. He also has great wrestling and endless cardio. Although I expect Faber to show up in excellent shape, I think Cruz has the significant edge heading into this fight. I was worried how Cruz would look following his long layoff for injury, but his performance against Dillashaw proved he’s still the best in the division. I think there is a chance for a late finish, but I think Cruz takes a fairly comfortable decision. Cruz by Decision

The Heart: Cruz is an outstanding fighter, and although some people have accused him of being boring, I have always found him fun to watch. I’ve really enjoyed his insight since he became an analyst on Fox Sports 1, but I’m definitely glad he’s back and finally seems to be healthy. Faber is an all-time great in the bantamweight division. Although he was a WEC champion, there are always going to be some people that unfairly judge him for not winning a UFC title. I’d like to see him be able to make the fourth time a charm and finally earn the UFC Bantamweight. Faber by Submission

Luke Rockhold (-700) vs. Michael Bisping (+525)

The Brain: Rockhold was scheduled to face the man he just took the title from, but unfortunately Weidman had to withdraw due to a neck injury. While that may be bad news for Weidman, that is great news for the man scheduled to take his place. Bisping will finally receive a title shot after 25 fights and almost ten years in the UFC. He has won three in a row including a unanimous decision victory over Anderson Silva in his most recent bout. Bisping throws a lot of punches, especially at range. He also has excellent stamina, but with a five round fight on short notice it he may not be in peak shape. That could be trouble against Rockhold who has won five in a row and has looked outstanding in his last few fights. Rockhold uses a high volume approach and has great stamina as well. He will have a 5” reach advantage in this fight and has some powerful kicks to go along with his punches. However, Rockhold announced at the press conference earlier in the week that he tore his MCL in training. It’s hard to gauge the truth of that considering he voluntarily divulged the information. I expect Bisping to hang tough for three rounds, but I think Rockhold will eventually wear him down and get the stoppage. Rockhold by TKO

The Heart: I like Rockhold and I definitely want to see a rematch between him and Weidman when both of them are healthy. In order to do that he’ll have to get past the always tough Bisping. As much as I’d like to see the rematch, I’d like to see Bisping become champion even more. There’s not anyone currently in the UFC that has paid their dues more than Bisping and remained in the top of the division for so long without ever getting a chance to fight for a title. He finally gets the chance in his 26th UFC fight and I’d love for him to finally get that gold around his waist. Bisping by TKO

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