The Fighting Pride of Donegal, Ireland Jason Quigley Looks To Massive 2018

The calendar is headed toward last call for 2017, and plans are percolating for the year in boxing 2018, as we move toward “the most wonderful time of the year” in the bustling city of New York.

Visions of not sugar plum fairies but packed houses filled up with passionate rooters bubble up in the minds of pugilists looking to make a sharper indent into the hearts and minds of sweet science watchers. Jason Quigley, a Golden Boy boxer signed to Sheer Sports management, is in town, having arived Thursday, and will be in attendance tonight (Saturday) to soak in how it feels to be in the ring with a massive crowd attuned to your every move. The middleweight Quigley, born and bred in Donegal, Ireland, moved to USA in 2014, and spends his time in Los Angeles, by and large. The Irishman,   in with NYF to tell us about his thoughts on the city, his near future plans and what he thinks about a press and public that can, via social media, be excessively critical of persons and performances.

“I love coming here to NY, it’s a great city and sometimes I feel more at home here than I do in Ireland because there is that many Irish here! I arrived in on Thursday and the weather is great, cold but crisp, I like it,” said the 26 year old hitter who reps EVERLAST gear. “This is the place I want to make my home for my next few fights. I told Golden Boy I want to fight on the East Coast and they said no problem. They know the Irish are here and the way they come out and support their own, it’s a no brainer. Imagine a fight here next year, St Patrick’s weekend!”

Tonight, at the Mecca, what is he expecting to feel? “I’m excited to feel and experience the atmosphere inside the Garden, to experience what it’s like because I know when it’s filled with Irish it will be special.. that is what I want to do!”

The kid grew up in Donegal and mother Muriel, and sisters Jade and Holli, partner April and her little girl Sierra are his top fans. They surely didn’t judge his last outing as harshly as some of us press and Twitterati did. The clash versus Glen Tapia…

..on March 23, 2016, in Cali, and on ESPN. Quigley had been chugging along, his buzz train gaining heavy steam, with wins over trial horses James De La Rosa and then Jorge Melendez. So expectations were heavy entering his clash with Tapia, who many opined wasn’t near peak after some rough smashups in the last several years. Quigley won, UD10, but since Tapia made it to final bell, and Quigley wasn’t as dominant as expected, many critics drew out their blades.

“I’m delighted with my last fight, to come through that difficulty of breaking my hand in the second round and going eight rounds dealing with it, and you guys talking shit about me, it showed me that I didn’t show no weakness and kept mentally strong. I just can’t wait to come back in the new year and get everybody talking again!”

Well stated and smartly internalized…

So, what are plans for next? What good tidings will 2018 bring to the current fighting pride of Donegal?

“No, nothing set.. but New Year, February or March is the plan!”

And tonight, he will be in a boss seat at Madison Square Garden, alongside Sheer Sports exec Rachel Charles, with a couple decades of experience tucked into her belt, offering sage motivational input, and ponder what it would be like to draw a similar crowd and have such a collection of devoted fans. Good tidings to come, and we aren’t talking figgy pudding.

Michael Woods
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