The Neutral Corner: 10 Best Exercises for Fight Sports

As a coach/trainer, I’m constantly asked “what are the best strength and conditioning exercise for fight sport training?” While there are no boxing or MMA “specific” movements, there are exercises that directly correlate and help develop the power, coordination, and stamina needed to excel. Here’s a list of my go-to movements when training athletes for any fight sport.
1. KB swing
 image1  image2  image3
2. Front Squat
 image4  image5
3. Pull Up Rows
 image7  image6
 image8  image9
4. Lunge & Press
 image10  image11
5. Plank Up-Downs
6. Single Arm Kettlebell Clean
 image15  image16  image17
7. Box Jumps
 image18  image19  image20
8. Battle Rope Waves
 image22  image24
9. Medicine Ball Slams
 image25  image26  image27
10. Burpees
Be sure to perform all exercises under control with a focus on solid technique and core stability. The amount of sets and reps are up to you and your ability, be creative! The use of timed intervals is also a good option when programming the above movements…Now go be great!

Jeff Hunter
About the Author:

Jeff Hunter. Passion for fitness and results based training is what drives Jeff to share his knowledge with the world. With over 6 years of experience as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach, Jeff brings a wide range of practical know-how from his experience with the general population and also elite athletes. Jeff is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a USAW and USA boxing coach. You can find him training out of the Everlast Lab in Hoboken, NJ.