The Neutral Corner: Building Strength and Endurance With Kettlebells

No matter what sport you’re in to or if you’re looking to achieve a high level of fitness, strength and endurance are two key factors that typically need improvement. In my opinion, the most efficient and effective way to achieve ultimate strength and endurance, is through the use of kettlebells. It’s all in the programming when it comes to achieving the right balance between cardio and respiratory endurance and strength gains. A kettlebell “flow” is a great way to push your cardiovascular capacity while still getting the desired strength gains. Check out the program and video reference below for proper technique…Go be great!

Video breakdown: (workout below)

Kettlebell Flow

3 minute work 1 minute rest


Round 1

30 sec Right Side  30 Left Side

Single arm swing


Front Squat


Round 2

30 sec Right Side 30 sec Left Side

Push Press


Snatch or Swing High Pull


Round 3

30sec Each 2x

KB swing

Elbow Plank Elevator



Round 4

30sec each 2x


Push up

Jack Knife


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