The Neutral Corner: Powercore FIT Bag- Take Your Workout To The Next Level

We’re all looking to take our workouts to the next level right? As fight sport athletes, we’re always looking to sharpen our skills and increase our conditioning. The Everlast PowerCore FIT Bag is an amazing tool made specifically for the fight sports athlete and enthusiasts alike, designed to get you the most out of your workout, blending functional multi-joint movements, with the option of striking and grappling for my MMA guys. The possibilities on the FIT bag are endless. Here are 10 of my favorite movements.


image2  image3  image4

Sit Up to Press

image5  image6  image7

Lunge Rotations

image8  image9

Front Squat


Mountain Climber Knee Strike



image13  image14

image15  image16

Standing Chest Press

image17  image18

Alternating Plank Elbow Strike

image19  image20

Squat and Press

image21  image22

Plank Walk Ups

image26  image25 image24

Now, take a few of these movements (no more the six) and put them into a timed interval. Always use a 2:1 ratio, meaning if you work for 1 minute, you rest for 30 seconds. Keep the intervals short and explosive with a conscious effort to perform each rep as hard as possible, but with good form.  You can also do these movements using Tabata intervals. Remember, these training sessions should be kept short in duration and performed at high intensity throughout. Mix this into your normal fight sports training about 3 days a week and you’ll see your conditioning increase dramatically.

You can purchase the PowerCore bag here (available in 20lbs and 30lbs).

Jeff Hunter
About the Author:

Jeff Hunter. Passion for fitness and results based training is what drives Jeff to share his knowledge with the world. With over 6 years of experience as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach, Jeff brings a wide range of practical know-how from his experience with the general population and also elite athletes. Jeff is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a USAW and USA boxing coach. You can find him training out of the Everlast Lab in Hoboken, NJ.