The Notorious BYRD, Judge Adelaide, Is Back In Action!

You may not have noticed, but the Notorious Byrd got back in action this past weekend.

Adalaide Byrd, whose name was front and center and on everybody’s lips who watched the Sept. 16 Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez fight, after she turned in a scorecard that the majority of people watching thought ludicrous, erroneous and egregious, has lived to judge again.

Yes, indeed. No, her judge card wasn’t torn up. She wasn’t deported to a fantasy island, where they stick judges who pull a CJ Ross, never to be seen or heard from again in this context. On Oct. 21, Mayweather Promotions ran a card in Las Vegas, where Byrd does most of her work, under the auspices of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, which is overseen day to day by executive director Bob Bennett. I had asked Bennett a little while ago if he could poke Byrd, and ask her to come on the Everlast podcast “Talkbox,” talk turkey, give her a chance to tell listeners what she saw and was thinking on Sept. 16, and how she now views her card and the kerfuffle which exploded in the moments and days post-fight.

“Our policy is that our officials do not comment regarding any events. Interviews regarding the Nevada State Athletic Commission are usually handled by me or our Chairman Anthony Marnell III,” Bennett told me. “Additionally and respectfully, we are past the subject matter memorialized below and are moving forward with Adalaide Byrd. This is in keeping with my initial statement during interviews after fight night and the following week. One off night in a major event does not define any official. The disrespect and the way some reporters crucified her was very disappointing to say the least. Check her record for the last 3 1/2 years. Mike, let me ask you a question…..two weeks ago when “Big Ben” Roethlisberger threw five interceptions did coach Mike Tomlin, fire, suspend or bench Ben the following week. No, he did not. I’m sure he spoke with Ben and continued to move forward. Ben came back the following week and played well and the Steelers won.”

NOTED…and I respect the fact that Bennett is inclined to go back and forth some on this matter. Some in his position wouldn’t, they’d punt and go into bunker mode…

So anyway, Byrd sat and scored on Oct. 21, at a show held at Sam’s Town, topped by Sharif Bogere vs Jose Luis Rodriguez. Byrd watched the Shoki Sakai-Cameron Crael welterweight fight, which went the eight round distance, and was scored a majority draw. Byrd had it 76-76, Kermit Bayless had it the same, and Glenn Trowbridge saw Krael a 77-75 winner.

“Some site already reported she worked the last Mayweather Promotion event on 10/21/17, and she had it a draw,” Bennett noted. “The site neglected to memorialize that judge Kermit Bayless also had it a draw (76-76) and Judge Glenn Trowbridge scored the fight 77-75.”

So there you go. Part of me likes the way Bennett stands by his person. No, not everyone likes that, not in a case like this. Promoter Bob Arum told us on Talkbox that he thinks Byrd drops the ball too often. Anyway, now we know know know. Now all eyes are on her and she will pretty much need to be spot on, or close to it.

And, until this sometimes silly sport gets its act together, and the powers hat be come up with ways to minimize scorecards and decisions which end up taking over the narrative after big fights, we will be be having a similar discussion, in a week, a month, or a year. No, we don’t always do a great job at righting our wrongs and improving the sport. But I remain hopeful we will, eventually, come up with some methods to improve this area of the red light district of the sports world.

Michael Woods
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