The Power of Stretching

After clocking in all that gym time, muscles are sore and your body is dire need of some recovery. Most of us are in a rush to get out of the gym after finishing that last rep or winding down the treadmill after finishing the final interval. However, even though the last thing you want to do is cool down and stretch, you should really considering carving out a few minutes at the end of your workout to bring back circulation and prevent body soreness.

If you have some time after your workout, try implementing a full body cool-down regimen that will bring down your heart rate and includes foam rolling. But, if a few minutes is all you have (or you’re willing to tolerate) try to stretch the muscle groups you worked out or the areas on your body that feel tight.


Overall tightness and body stress can occur even if you haven’t hit the gym hard…or at all. Having some feel-good stretches in your arsenal will be helpful in reducing all over aches and pains and increase flexibility.

Whether you are looking to de-stress from the day or lengthen out overworked muscles, here are 6 stretching exercises to add to your daily routine- your body will thank you later! Check out the full article for a detailed description on how to execute each stretch. Cheers to flexibility!

  • Active Pigeon –targets the glutes

article stretch 1

  • C-Curve- targets the lower back

article stretch 2

  • Modified Cobra- targets abs

article stretch 3

  • Hamstring Stretch series- targets hamstrings

article stretch 4

  • Split Squat- targets quads and calves

article stretch 5


  • Quadrupeds- targets shoulders

article stretch 6

Full Article and pictures/source:

6 Stretches for a Lean, Limber Body by Alyssa Shaffer


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